Chiropractic + Basketball + Life = Magic!

From CNN/Sports Illustrated comes an article about “tiny” Life University and the winning of their 2nd straight NAIA basketball title.

(Apparently the reporters and opposing players have never been to Dynamic Essentials or they would all know… Nothing is Bigger Than LIFE!)

According to the article, “something decidedly … different … is going on at Life.”

The article comments on Life University, “the world’s largest School of Chiropractic” and refers to Dr. Sid Williams as “an Atlanta native with a streak of evangelist in him as wide as an Atlanta freeway.”

The article goes on to say that Dr. Sid is a “big, smiling, silver-haired preacher of the wonders of chiropractic care, a man who often finds himself in the center of controversy and who always finds himself in the center of something.”

The article questions whether the two wins are attributed to “something magical” or to the “wonders of chiropractic care.” Those at Life are quick to point out that it may seem magical to people who are not familiar with chiropractic.

Link: A touched Life, Two straight titles proves something’s up at tiny Life U. @ 2:38 pm | Article ID: 954542285