Drkoop Runs Low On Cash

The future of Drkoop.com appears to be uncertain, according to a filing with the SEC and reported on CNET.

According to the report, Drkoop.com has “sustained losses and negative cash flows from operations since its inception,” which has resulted in a threat to the future of the company.

The company plans to raise working capital through “additional equity or debt financing in the upcoming year,” according to the article.

Drkoop.com stock price has fallen from its 52-week high of $45.75 to today’s price of about $3.65. The financial situation for Droop’s competitors such as Healtheon/WebMD and Drugstore.com are also trading at near 52-week lows, according to the report.

With greater numbers of people going on the internet when looking for healthcare information, it is interesting to see that these huge medical websites are having such difficult times.

Could it be the message that is being delivered or is it just that these are new frontiers and there are bound to be losses?

CNET News: Drkoop latest dot-com to run low on cash

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