April 3rd 2008 is Good People Day GPD08

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Enough with the fooling around already, the money has been claimed and I’m not going to Mars anytime soon. While April 1 was for fools and foolin, April 3 has been declared “Good People Day” (GPD08). Who says? Gary Vaynerchuk does.

A New Yorker with an attitude for giving, Gary Vaynerchuk, decided just yesterday that April 3rd would be a great day for a Good People Day. I’d have to agree. Mr. Vaynerchuk has captured the attention of many, as both a businessman and Internet celebrity. Basically, he is a personal branding genius.

On April 2, 2008, Gary set out on a mission to make today GPD08 day, with people writing and singing praise for people that are AWESOME and GOOD. This could have been a topic posted to our blog, but I felt it was newsworthy, as there is great power and movement in pointing out people who do good (we’ve been doing that nearly 10 years here). So here is some Good People Day 2008 News…

Commit to Excellence on Good People Day(photo: When I lived on Long Island I used to go see the Jets and Giants but now, living in LA, I hop in a plane for trips to Oakland)

Everyone I’ll be mentioning here has an undying, relentless commitment to excellence. This being a chiropractic website, I’ve gotta do some shout outs for those chiropeeps in my life that have been motivating and inspirational. I also can’t forget my social giants that have embraced the internet with massive open arms and minds.

I’ll start on the East coast in Connecticut with Dr. Adam Church, owner of Atlas Chiropractic in East Haven. He is among those great people I respect and admire. An awesome chiropractor.

West coast shout out in NorCal goes to Guy Kawasaki, of Alltop, Garage, and Truemors. I’ve learned things from Guy and he is at the top of my list as someone I feel is totally immersed in the connected world of the internet.

Right here in SoCal is Harry Engel and his wife Dr. Suzanne Frye. Together they run an impressive office in Lancaster which serves mass amounts of people. Harry puts up with a lot of my bullsh*t and God bless him for it.

Also in the SoCal area is the maven of PR, Nicole Jordan. She has a magical way of getting large groups of people together for incredibly good times. Nicole is a major force behind many of the tech parties and events going on in LA as of late.

If you are at one of those parties you may meetup with Elmer Thomas, founder of Thinking Serious and several other ventures. I only met Elmer in November 2007 but he was quick to capture my attention online. He’s been featured at local tech events and he is amazingly hard working.

Moving inland to Phoenix Arizona and the ever so inspirational Dr. Fred Schofield. Dr. Fred has been a mentor and friend of mine for nearly a decade now (wow) and he is a rugby charged force to be reckoned with.

Another NorCal powerhouse that deserves some shouts is Dr. Michael Moore in Redding California. When searching for the top chiropractors in the United States you’ll find articles about him, as he is an amazing healer and person.

Have to give a shout to Jeff Quipp, the hockey lover from Canada. Jeff is the founder of Search Engine People, a Canadian search engine marketing / search engine optimization firm which began operations as QIMS in 2001. Jeff has been a great help and inspiration for me online.

I’m in SoCal so there’s lots of shouts here, this next one goes to Candice Michelle and her chiropractic husband Ken Gee Ehrlich. Candice has been a source of lots of traffic here (having articles about Playboy apparently lead to that) and both have been great supporters of the movement at Planet Chiropractic.

Ripping back across the USA and back to New York City for a shout to one of the most grounded and giving people I’ve met in the world of search and marketing. Chris Winfield is the President of 10e20.com, a New York-based Internet marketing and web solutions company. Chris is often the person quoted in major media on topics related to social media, search marketing, and Web 2.0.

Have to give a shout to Matt McGee, SEO Manager for Marchex. Matt is fun to hang with and he’s been a great friend to have online. He helped get my Surefire Small Business Marketing Tips out to a ton of people before 2008 rolled in. Matt is gifted with a giving spirit, gotta love that in people.

So there you have it, a list of Good People (great people) who make my world better every day. There’s many more but I’ll have to build another list and get them mentioned. Let’s not forget the people who Bless My Chiropractic Office daily, you guys rock!

So it’s April 3rd 2008 and today is GOOD PEOPLE DAY! It’s time to Pass it on and make some noise about those awesome people in your life.

I’ve got one more link (it’s a good one) if you are looking for words to include when talking about those that motivate and inspire you, check out my list of 101 words that feel good . Be awesome!

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