Chiropractic Wife Candice Michelle in April Playboy

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Candice Michelle, known to many as the “Go Daddy Girl” for her appearances in the popular commercials that first aired during the 2005 Super Bowl, is featured in this months April issue of Playboy magazine. What many people don’t know is that Candice Michelle is also the wife of a West Los Angeles chiropractor.

Candice Michelle - Playboy Model2005 was quite a year for this Wisconsin raised girl. A group of us were eating dinner at Islands in Tempe, Arizona a month or so before the commercial was taped. Candice was telling me that people were already selling her photos on eBay, due to her WWE Raw popularity, and she was not receiving any compensation.

She was attending a chiropractic training along with her husband and we were affirming aloud all weekend. She was saying… “I am excited!” After that weekend, things began moving rather quickly for her. It was in early January that she got the deal with GoDaddy and the first commercial aired during Super Bowl XXXIX on February 1st, 2005. The 2nd commercial never got on the air due to Fox and the NFLs decision to pull the ad from running a second time. That didn’t stop Candice. Things kept on rolling and picking up speed.

The Chiropractic Part of Life
I’m not suggesting that the chiropractic weekend was where the magic was, the magic is in each of us. I just think it is a good reminder that positive principles apply to everyone. What you think about you can and do bring about. Candice says… “Without confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.”

I like her attitude. I like that she reads her affirmations daily and expects life to be great. Her husband has the same attitude. We went to chiropractic school together. He is a fun loving, motivated individual and a good chiropractor. They make a super couple. She gets adjusted regularly and she talks about it during interviews whenever she can.

I currently have no pictures of Candice Michelle doing any of her signature wrestling moves, such as “Candylicious”, which is a hanging figure four necklock, or her Russian legsweep. If and when I get some photos I’ll add some links here.

The April issue of Playboy is on newsstands now. I’m waiting for my autographed copy but I already purchased the magazine. Pick up a copy today and remember… PLAYMATES GET CHIROPRACTIC TOO! @ 8:48 am | Article ID: 1142354897