Los Angeles Marathon & Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 21st Los Angeles Marathon will be held on Sunday, March 19, 2006 and I am excited about the event!

I have been running for years, so it is only natural that Los Angeles runners continue to show up in our chiropractic office. Most of those that are referred by fellow runners already have an idea of my philosophy towards the sport. I still get new people coming through the front door that don’t know about my excitement for running.

Dr. Michael Dorausch Runs LAThis time of year is very exciting for us. We have more than twenty of our local athletes (patients) training for this weekends Marathon event. Most of them have been receiving chiropractic care long before they decided to run this Sunday. Some did not start training until December or January and came to our office via a referral from a fellow runner. Either way, I must confess that it is pure enjoyment for me to be caring for these folks. We are all excited. If you have ever run a marathon you may know what I am talking about. If not, it’s an experience that is difficult to put simply into words. I’m not saying you should go out and run a marathon, that’s not it. The IT is what I am thrilled about.

Listen, there are thousands that have been training for this event, and many have been doing so for months. Every single one of them began with a single step. Very few of them I imagine are running just to run. But they all have goals, they have desires, and they have the discipline to make IT happen. In our Los Angeles chiropractic office (ADIO Chiropractic), goal minded individuals are welcomed with adjusting arms because they typically get IT.

Imagine yourself training for this weekends marathon. By now, you are aware that what you eat the day before (or even days before) effects your performance. You are aware that your mental state effects you efforts and that your efforts affect your mental state. During the past few months, finding places to run, time to run, motivation to run, people to run with, have all been more on your mind than figuring where the closest Starbucks is. You ran through Thanksgiving, you ran through Christmas, you probably ran on New Years Day. Have you noticed the transformation?

My friends, this weekend is not about running at all. This weekend is about IT. IT gets you up in the morning. IT motivates you to do 16 miles before going into work. IT speaks to you at mile 22 while every cell in your physical body reports back to the brain on its status. IT whispers “well done” when you cross that finish line. IT becomes your reason to be.

Just like training for a marathon, all visits in our office began with a single step. A step towards not only better health, but in the case of runners, better performance. Some runners started care with us because of a symptom like back, knee, shoulder, neck, foot, or leg pain. Yes, chiropractors are effective in helping correct many musculoskeletal problems. But that is not IT. Today, without me telling some of them why, our runners are getting adjusted before they have symptoms and more impressively, regardless of if they do have symptoms. Why? Because they get IT. They have stopped buying into the TV like world that they should avoid pain, that pain is bad, that things (like running) that cause pain are bad. I’ll tell you what is bad. Training for a marathon and shutting of the feedback loop from your brain to tissue cell or tissue cell back to the brain is bad. In various ways, a number of drugs accomplish this by chemically shutting down or blocking processes to “fool” your body. Dispite what I have heard other doctors say, running is not bad for you. However, not innately listening to the communication your body is trying to make you aware of often results in injury.

Chiropractic adjustments help to keep the bodies communication pathways open so that all bodily systems can have constant balanced interaction and feedback with one another. In my experience, these adjustments, over time, result in a more efficient, effective and innately educated runner.

All the best to everyone preparing for this great event!
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Dr. Michael Dorausch practices chiropractic in Los Angeles, California
His office is located on Culver at McConnell in the Marina Plaza shopping center

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