Joining the CCA Evolution of Chiropractic in California

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2013 CCA Annual Convention & Exposition took place this past weekend in San Diego, California. It was another successful chiropractic event held on the West Coast. The conference attracted a worldwide chiropractic audience for three days of fellowship and continuing education. Chiropractors are shaking things up in the state of California and CCA wants you to join the evolution.

The opening session on Friday, May 31st featured college presidents from three California chiropractic colleges. Doctors Brian Kelly (Life Chiropractic College West), William Meeker (Palmer College of Chiropractic West), and John Scaringe (Southern California University of Health Sciences) were all up on stage, with moderation by former Life West president Dr. Gerald Clum. The event was a call for immediate action and co-powered leadership to inspire growth and innovation in the state of California. The 3 California chiropractic presidents shared their visions and urged chiropractors to join forces in sparking a transformation required to build momentum and strengthen a sustainable movement in our chiropractic future.

High energy presentations continued throughout the day, with continuing education courses being taught by chiropractic leaders such as Drs. Leslie Hewitt, Gilles Lamarche, Patrick Gentempo, Eric Plasker, and Tedd Koren.

Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick
Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick
Chiropractors receiving continuing education were wowed by presentations such as “Neurology for the Practicing Chiropractor” taught by Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick. Dr. Carrick lectured in the morning and in the afternoon, and the room was packed with chiropractors. Neurology based chiropractic was also taught by Dr. Richard Barwell and chiropractic care for children was taught by Dr. Claudia Anrig. The most difficult choice for chiropractors was which room to be in, as numerous presentations were taught in similar time slots. However, chiropractors couldn’t go wrong, as top-notch presentations were provided in every room.

As I mentioned in the 2013 CCA Convention recap, continuing education hours for chiropractors in the state of California have recently changed from 12 hours to 24 hours, with 2 mandated hours of Ethics & Law, and 4 mandated hours in any one or combination of the following topics: Adjustive Technique, History Taking & Physical Examination, Proper and Ethical Billing & Coding.

For chiropractors practicing in states other than California, the CCA Annual Conventions typically offer approved chiropractic continuing education hours for Idaho, Hawaii, Arizona, South Dakota and Nevada. As a practicing chiropractor that frequently travels out-of-state for conferences, I’ve found it’s always a good idea to know what courses are covered for continuing education in my state.

I’m looking forward to seeing my chiropractic colleagues at the 2014 CCA Annual Convention in San Diego, I’ve been told the event will again take place at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in Mission Bay, California. See you there! @ 1:09 pm | Article ID: 1370365778