Proud to be a Chiropractor

Monday Morning Message By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I spent part of last week in Atlanta at a Board Meeting. I got the opportunity to address the student body. I have done that many times but this is the first time since I’ve been a Board Member. I was trying to express to them how lucky I felt they are to be starting a life in Chiropractic. After all, as long as this group of individuals have been students I think they have been in survival mode and not spending too much time looking at the gift that they have been given with this lifestyle we call Chiropractic. Their goal has been to get a diploma. Then what? I invited them to allow themselves to visualize. I don’t think that they understand the impact that they can have on the future of chiropractic and the future of health care.

Do we? Or do we forget in the routine of our practices or life? Are we passionate about our purpose in life? Do we really know the impact of how we practice on the outcome of the people in our communities? We have a message to bring to the world. A message that changes the quality of life of the people who choose to follow us. We give people the choice to express more aliveness. In this complicated world of Chiropractic are we remembering why we are here? My goal today is to touch one more person with the Chiropractic Message. Not just the message about how they might be suffering needlessly or how they might not get sick as much if they get adjusted on a regular basis but most importantly about how they can increase the quality if not quantity of their life with Chiropractic.

I tease my patients that after being in practice as long as I have that I find caring for people with back pain is boring. It is predictable. But give me a family who chooses to get adjusted on a regular basis and that excites me. Some might think that taking care of the same families week after week and month after month is boring. Some might think that taking care for people who haven’t had a symptom in so long that they forgot what ache or pain first brought them into my office is boring. I think that is so exciting. Being around responsible people who take care of themselves because they are not always dealing with health emergencies is very exciting. These people become part of my family. I don’t see them as a dis-ease. I see them as a health care choice. Very exciting. And when all of the factors line up and I can show them an inside out way of taking care of their life expression, in the moments, I AM PROUD TO BE A CHIROPRACTOR. @ 6:54 am | Article ID: 1058190895