UK Doctors Not Happy With NHS

According to a recent survey, “half of Britain’s family doctors would not be happy to rely on the National Health Service for healthcare for themselves or their families.”

Added to that, forty one percent of surveyed MDs said they would not use NHS services even if they required major surgery. Many MDs stated that they would not even recommend routine surgery to a close friend, according to the survey.

Why would such a large group of healthcare professionals choose not to use their own services for themselves or their families? When it comes to their services, would they not be the ones “in the know”? Do we have a health care system or a disease care system?

If you went to a restaurant and overheard the cook state “I would never eat here and I would not recommend it to my friends”, would you think twice about your meal? Were not talking lunch gang, were talking about your health and the health of your family.

Fox News: Half British doctors not happy with health service @ 4:47 am | Article ID: 969882440