What Does It Take?

By Dr. James Sigafoose

In order to get to the top, what do we have to do?
We have to know what we want, we have to endure being uncomfortable, we then go thru a learning experience, then duplicate a successful model, then improve 1/10th %, in our actions and thots each day, when we do so, we double our production. Within one year, if we maintain the discipline of thinking and acting 1/10th % improved over the day before, we continue to double each year, and hit the top in about 5 yrs.

Most of us that wish to be the best have to do things that are easy, and we need someone that will grab us by the neck and make us do things we are uncomfortable with. Easy means things we can do. We can change and learn and be uncomfortable, that’s easy. We can also not do those things and that too is easy.

Once we learn to be inner directed and follow the pattern of discipline and change, we can be successful in any endeavor we choose to undertake. One major holdup is to cling to things that don’t work, learned from someone, who has never made it to the top, and too afraid to leave your comfort zone, even though it has been proven to be un-successful.

When we learn to be 100%, in everything we do i.e.: chiropractic, family, play, any other business, or activity, then we can win 95% of the time in everything we do. People who won’t win always blame someone else for their position on the pole. People who win, always take total responsibility, for their condition.

I have found we all need a coach, or mentor. We all know someone who wont ask for help, and fail day after day, thinking they will find a magic wand or foo foo dust somewhere. As Gary Stewart put it, after several years he finally found a gold mine. And though he looked and looked for it, he finally found it where? Inside himself, a never ending gold mine, that he can now harvest the rest of his life if he stays connected to the source which was inside all the time he looked outside.

So the moral of the story is: apply your disciplines, be uncomfortable for the time it takes thru the learning process. Become inner directed, and responsible for your own actions, and hang with birds of a feather, and keep a mentor before you, until you become the mentor, and even then, there must be one above you, that you will follow for life.

Let money represent a spiritual vehicle, and instead of collecting it and hoarding it, earn it and give it away. Keep it circulating. Don’t work for money, serve for god and let the great spirit take care of the exchange laws. Don’t give your services away literally, but give yourself away, and the money will take care of itself.

Give. Serve the masses and the law will pay you, and you will enjoy happiness, peace and prosperity. Be ever thankful for all the good you receive, and see how you respond to things perceived not to be good. Its how you do the latter, as to how your life works. Keep the faith, turn the crank, and testify. Walk by faith not by sight.

Much love, and prayer for your happiness and success.

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