Christmas with Sigafoose – 30 Minute Talk

The following are excerpts from a talk that Dr. James Sigafoose gave to a group of more than 400, gathered in his daughters community, to hear his story about chiropractic. Click on the audio links below to listen to this magnificent talk.

Dr. James Sigafoose
My father encouraged me to be a chiropractor from the time I was four years old. He went to chiropractic college, first of all, he went to Johns Hopkins to be a medical doctor at age 21. He became sick, and as a matter of fact he became paralyzed and they didn’t know what to do with him. So they sent him home. He was living in Hagerstown at that time.

He couldn’t move for about two months and a chiropractor, Dr. Crider, one of the first chiropractors in the state of Maryland, offered to come by to adjust him to see if he could help. My father denied that. My father called him a quack. He said he didn’t want a quack to touch him. Two months later, he was still paralyzed and he said “go get the quack.” Well that quack came in, reached over and adjusted his neck. The next day my father walked down to the Square in Hagerstown and up three flights of steps. So he decided he wanted to be a chiropractor. He went to school for a short period of time and ran out of money in 1920, and from that point on he designated me to carry that on.

I have two brothers older than myself, he never mentioned that to them, he mentioned it to me. I always felt as though I was born to be a chiropractor, it’s the reason I showed up on planet Earth. My children assumed the same roles apparently, I never encouraged them to be chiropractor’s. I wanted them to do that on their own if that’s what they wished, and they all wished. (All six Sigafoose children have become chiropractor’s)

But I want to talk to you about health. There is an attitude about health in this country that medicine and drugs, or drugs I should say, and surgery, is the answer to health. I’m going to tell you tonight, or this afternoon, that that’s not true. Now for some of you that is going to sting a little bit. But that’s the way it will have to be.

Does anybody know the largest killer disease in America is what? Heart disease. What’s the second killer? Cancer. So we have heart disease and cancer. What’s the third killer? Prescribed drugs. It’s the third largest killer in the United States. Now I’m not here to bash medicine, but I am here to get you to change your attitudes perhaps. And attitudes are extremely important.

Hopefully, we can get you to change your attitudes about what you need to do. I know that many of you are chiropractic patients. Many of you have been chiropractic patients for a long time. Let me get to this, this thing called chiropractic. There are people here that are not under chiropractic care that need to be under chiropractic care. And the opinion of people who think that they go to the chiropractor for cricks, backaches, and strains, is dead wrong. When I say dead wrong I mean that, dead wrong.

You go to a chiropractor for one reason. Now some of you had come to me because you had marked symptoms of something. Some of you had disease processes of one kind or another, everything from cancer to hemorrhagic colitis as I recall. And a variety of skin diseases, and blind eyes, and deaf ears, and infectious diseases, and so on. And you might say “what’s that got to do with chiropractic?” “I thought chiropractic had something to do with the spine.” Well it does, but it doesn’t have anything to do the treatment of symptoms and it doesn’t have anything to do with the treatment of disease. So you might say, well then “what is the purpose, what am I going there for?”

So let me explain this you…

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