Bad Things Happen To Good People

By Adam R. Tanase (Tri-7 Student, Logan College of Chiropractic)

Bad things happen to good people – It’s a part of life. Events occur that we simply cannot control or explain. Although we
might not like them, we have to find the strength and courage to work our way through. I was raised to believe that all things, good or bad, happen for a reason. As hard as that is to do at times, it’s a belief that has always steered me in the right direction. It’s something I try to apply to all things in my life. I enjoy thinking about the events that occur as the years go by – Why did I meet that person? Why did I go this way instead of that way? It’s an activity that can put a lot of things into perspective. Time and time again it shows me that I am an instrument working in a plan; working for a power that’s much greater than anything we could ever imagine!

The recent approval of the Homeland Security Act was one of those events that baffled me… no, it infuriated me! I couldn’t help but think how preposterous the smallpox vaccines were; I still do… but then I got to thinking – All things happen for a reason. What could the reason behind this be? I’ve read article after article, and watched numerous news segments on the subject. Finally it hit me. If it hasn’t hit you yet, perhaps it will now. Have you noticed how much free publicity those of us who educate the public about the dangers of mandatory vaccination are getting? Sure, it’s mostly about smallpox, but the fact that vaccines aren’t the ‘bulletproof vest’ against disease, like Medicine loves to claim, is spreading fast! Cover stories on America’s biggest news sources are plastering titles like “Is it worth the risk?” all over their headlines. I believe this could be our blessing in disguise, but we need to handle it properly. If we do, the domino effect will begin, the flood gates will open, and the truth will be heard!

Let us seize this golden opportunity and use it to our advantage! Make sure your patients know that at least 15 people per million could die from complications of this vaccine. Ask them why they think this is such a controversy. Ask them how they’d handle it if their husband or wife were one of those who suffered needlessly from the shot. Then show them that at least 3,750 people could die in the US if everyone received this vaccine. Put the math down on paper for them to see! Next to that number, write another number: 3000. That’s the estimated number of people killed in the World Trade Center attacks. September 11th was a tragedy in and of itself. It was the event that sparked the whole Homeland Security Act and its infamous vaccination clause. After you show them these two figures, ask them if it’s safe that our own government is allowing that many people to die again.

Educating the public about the dangers behind vaccination may or may not have been a difficult task for you in the past. Either way, use this chance that you’ve been given… It’s rock solid proof that will also help you teach others about the power of Chiropractic. You were chosen for a reason to see the patients that visit your office seeking help. Show them love. Show them compassion. Show them truth. @ 6:07 pm | Article ID: 1040177279