Chickenpox Vaccine Not as Effective as Thought

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

One Dose, two Dose, three dose, four, five dose, six dose, seven doses more… just how many chickenpox vaccine injections does it take to prevent one from actually getting Chickenpox?

The following news headline this morning caught my attention, “Chickenpox Vaccine Doesn’t Ensure Protection.” It turns out, that a single dose of Chickenpox vaccine may just not be effective in preventing the viral outbreak. The news is everywhere, however, different experts are saying different things.

Who’s right who’s wrong?
On December 10th, news reports revealed that the state of New Jersey is planning a mandatory chickenpox vaccination program for all kids. On the number of doses, Chuck O’Donnell, who is the chief of the New Jersey state health department immunization program, told local news sources, “it’s a one-dose vaccine.” That was reported just two days ago.

If I were the chief of a state health department immunization program should I be up on the latest research? I would think so. Funny that the vaccine was compared to Hepatitis B injection which requires 3 doses and was made mandatory in New Jersey earlier this year. How long before 3 doses are required for the “one-dose” chickenpox vaccine?

According to the New Jersey proposal, children who already have had the chickenpox would not have to be vaccinated. Why, because contraction of the viral infection provides lifelong immunity. That’s one dose naturally!

Let’s go outside the US to Bahrain, where another health official expert is in today’s news discussing chickenpox.

Dr Amal Al Jowder, Health Ministry Health Education Chief says…

  • Adults who caught chickenpox before can rest in comfort that they are forever immune from the viral infection.
  • Chickenpox is a self-limited viral disease which goes by itself, whether treated or not.
  • People need not be concerned about it as it is a benign disease.
  • As it is a viral disease, antibiotics may not work. Infected people will be cured with or without treatment within two to three weeks.
  • The disease is mild when contracted by children, but could be severe for adults.
  • Once infected, he/she acquires lifelong immunity against the disease.
  • Vaccination against chickenpox is available in some private hospitals and clinics in Bahrain.

Interesting that U.S. news reports paint the condition as much more serious especially when tax payer dollars will pick up the expense of any mandatory vaccine campaign. This may seem silly but if you get chickenpox naturally you are immune for life, correct? If you get the vaccine, it is likely you will have to get it again since it is now believed it “wears out.” Note that in the articles experts say that two doses “should” be effective, not “will” be effective. That’s science for ya!

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