School Acquiesces Into Mediocrity

From the Chicago Tribune comes an article titled: “School Expands On Backbone Of Its Therapies”

The headline continues to read, “After Years of Focusing on Chiropractic, a Lombard college is branching out by adding new treatments.”

The college is National Chiropractic College and according to the article, “the school plans to offer a professional doctorate in naturopathy, the use of homeopathic therapies such as botanical and herbal remedies” and will also offer a program in acupuncture.

National is probably most famous for graduating the “world’s most dangerous chiropractor” — Dr. James Sigafoose, who has stated that he never learned chiropractic at National and that it was never taught there.

Probably the best thing to come of this is the changing of the schools name to the “National University of Health Sciences.”

Chicago Tribune: School Expands On Backbone Of Its Therapies

Thank you to Dr. Norris A. Erickson and the many other principled DCs in the Chicago area for forwarding us the above article. @ 7:55 am | Article ID: 961772128