The Medical Cartel Is Not Medical At All

From Dr. Kerry T. Kilpatrick and the Michigan Chiropractic Council

“At its heart the medical cartel is not medical at all. It is concerned with controlling populations!” Jon Rappoport

Dear Doctors,

I have a GREAT example of the ever increasing paradigm shift in the health arena. Following the ICA convention my wife and I attended an international conference in Cancun, Mexico. The conference addressed several topics including financial freedom, asset protection and investment opportunities. The event was attended by over 3000 people from all over the world (the speeches were simultaneously translated into multiple languages) and included several sports and entertainment celebrities.

One of the main speakers was Jon Rappoport, an investigative journalist, speaking on the medical cartel. He started out his speech by saying financial freedom is no good if you don’t have your health! He then proceeded to say that you cannot expect to be healthy if you depend upon the medical cartel and all their willing accomplices (the drug companies, the FDA, etc…).

Step by step he mapped out the ineffectiveness of medical care and then addressed the growing utilization of alternative health care. He talked about personal responsibility for health, cited the Eisenberg study, discussed chiropractic care (as the largest alternative option) and the growing suppression of our youth through Ritalin.

He was basically saying – down with medicine (citing studies of death, damage and derangement by MDs) and up with the alternatives.

What amazed me was the fact that this was not a chiropractic audience. In attendance were leaders from all strata of society (the cost for the event was a hefty $6000 which effectively limited attendance). Mr. Rappoport was building a case for the abandonment of sickness care and the pursuit of true health care.

Following his presentation I sought out Mr. Rappoport and asked him if he ever spoke at chiropractic gatherings. He said that he had once many years ago but would love to if given the opportunity. I asked that he send me his bio (see below) which I would forward to interested doctors.

I would heartily encourage any of you that are responsible for getting speakers at your state conventions or large events to contact Mr. Rappoport and give him an opportunity to talk at your gatherings. His talk is eye opening and a powerful motivation for the chiropractic movement.

Medicine is getting hit from all sides. Aren’t you glad you’re a chiropractor?


Kerry T. Kilpatrick, D.C., (Hon) F.I.C.A.

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