Dealing With Mass Ignorance Across This Nation

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractic has a rich history in the state of California, with the founder of chiropractic teachings, DD Palmer, first bringing the philosophy, science and art to the state in the early 1900s. Last month Planet Chiropractic began sharing transcribed text from an audio presentation recorded in February of 1997. The event, which featured legendary chiropractor Ian Grassam was historical, with sellout crowds of attendees converging on a hotel in Orange County California for an annual conference hosted by the oldest chiropractic organization in existence. This is the third installment of transcribed text from Dr. Grassam’s motivational presentation.

ICA Pin Design 1997(photo: Design for ICA lapel pin which was sold by attending chiropractic students to raise funds for student chapters of chiropractic organizations)

An mp3 audio presentation Ian Grassam Chiropractic Audio 1997 is available for listening and downloading. The first transcribed portion of the talk titled Leadership and Focus with Chiropractor Ian Grassam was posted on Thursday, May 22, 2008. The second, Health is that Condition Within the Body was posted on June 11, 2008. We continue now where the presentation left off…

Gary mentioned earlier today about C. Everett Koop. C. Everett Koop is probably the most powerful opinion leader in the field of medicine today. One of the reasons he carries that power is because he does not have an agenda for self-aggrandizement or profit. He’s actually trying to move something forward within the healthcare delivery system. He’s a medical physician. He sees things from a medical point of view. But he’s also aware of the fact that that which he sees is falling apart.

On May 26th of last year (1996), C. Everett Koop, held in Washington D.C. the first symposium on alternative care and its integration into the field of medicine. He had days of studies about chiropractic moving into orthodox medicine. About acupuncture and nutrition and ayurveda, and aromatherapy and everything he could think of that exists in the alternative care world and he said “how can we integrate this into medicine?”

And yet, in his opening statement he makes the comment that the medical paradigm is collapsing. The basic medical model has failed. He said the thing we have to ask ourselves – are we looking for one more therapeutic modality? And the answer is no. He said we must restructure the healthcare paradigm. We must change the rules of the game. See, the game rules were established by organized medicine and the drug industry over the last few thousand years. And the rules of the game as you and I know it, which makes it so difficult for us, is to find the disease and treat the disease and eliminate the symptoms of the disease – have that not been the rules of the game for the last thousand years? The answer is yes.

You and I can’t win under those rules. Do you understand that? What does that mean, should we give up? Say NO – we change the rules of the game! What happens when we change the rules of the game and the game changes to that of finding the cause of the sickness, correct the cause of the sickness, and rely on the innate ability of the body to self-heal itself. When those are the rules of the game, what happens to the medical practitioner? He’s out of business.

He either gets in line, learns what his purpose is, ends up working for a decent chiropractor, told what to do… [laughter]…gets his head out of his pelvis and realizes that he must have some kind of a life. This is what happens. See, the rules of the game must be changed to suit the model we’re looking for.

Now this is what Gerry talked about this morning. When we were in a pre-critical mass consciousness in this country, nobody understood. There were these weirdos running around talking about healthcare and wellness care and fixing causes. What are they talking about sickness, disease, treatment, symptoms – what’s all that crap? And then all of a sudden, we kept telling the story…telling the story….telling the story. Structuring a new healthcare paradigm. And comparing it to the failing medical paradigm.

Remember, medicine can’t stand the light of day. It can not work. As long as you keep telling the story…telling the story…telling the story, and you don’t have to go through a Madison Avenue filter or the federal or state government filter, the truth gets to the people. Let the people know the truth. The truth will what? Set em’ free!

Isn’t that what Bobby just did here when he did Martin Luther King’s speech – “Free at last, free at last!” This is the story that has to be told. Your mission is not about being a chiropractor and correcting a subluxation and having a good life – you have a mission in life to alter the direction and the understanding and enlightenment of a planet. It begins right here in Costa Mesa, but your objective is to go throughout the world. That’s not a bad start with forty million Californians and get them aware, because the fruit and nut society out here will take the message across the world. [laughter] Am I right?

Do you understand that when you’re from California you get away with a lot of weird shit? [laughter] I don’t care if you go from Wall Street to Main Street, if you’re from California everybody goes, “Okay, make space….” [laughter] Because you know they’re going to come up with something weird and different, and usually right. And after so many years it goes to the East coast, bounces back to the Midwest, and the nation has a new idea – thanks to California. That’s the reality of it. So I’m placing on you the burden of being the big nut.

You understand if you take a jar of mixed nuts and you shake them up – where do the big nuts go? Well… If you’re not at the top, you might be a little nut.

The objective is to go out… Well the worst thing in the world is if you’re going to be a nut, to be a little nut! Remember when you’re a big nut they really let you get away with some weird shit. The reality here is this, if you’re going to shake up society which means change the rules by which we live, shake that damn jar. It’s a jar of mixed nuts anyhow, right? And as you shake the jar, shake the jar, shake the jar, all the little bitty nuts float to the bottom, and all the big nuts go to the top. And the big nuts change the way people live. The big nuts are the clowns that end up on this platform. Do you understand what I’m saying?

We’ve been measured a lot of times, in various places, and failed the test for sanity. Remember, sanity in this world is to do the same thing every day, each day expecting a different result. That’s when you know you’re nuts, okay?

And what I’m saying to you is that you have an opportunity obligation, because the medical healthcare paradigm is crumbling, and it’s crumbling at a rate where it’s creating chaos in the marketplace. My god, the Ph.d’s and the MBA’s and all the people of letters, education and business, have taken over medicine. And so far what they have done is they have changed nothing with managed care have they? They’ve changed – they’ve gone to managed cost, but they haven’t gone to managed care. Managed care is what we do. We take a patient and explain to them where they are, we then tell them where they should be and we give them a methodology by which they can get there. Is that not what we do?

We explain to them what health is, and what they don’t have. We have been doing income and outcome assessments, for the past 102 years. All of sudden medicine’s in a panic because they’re going to have to do an outcome assessment which will prove they don’t work. Chiropractic says send me all the outcome assessment crap you want. I can tell you what kind of health the patient is in when they come in, I can tell you what health they otta have when they leave, and I’ll tell you the methodology by which we get there.

We will structurally, biomechanically, neurologically, lifestyle, nutrition and every other way, let them know where they should be. Do you understand the enlightenment and the healing that takes place in a human being when all of a sudden they find out they can do something about it. The absolute slavery that has occurred in the hearts and minds of people in this country have been the fact that they have been blamed for being sick and given no way to do anything about it.

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