Subluxation Intelligence and Objective Principles of Energy Healing

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Lightening things up on a Friday, I thought I’d share some articles from the past on topics such as subluxation, healing, energy, retracing, innate intelligence, objectivism and faith in chiropractic. Following is an assortment of articles organized in no particular fashion, authored by chiropractors and chiropractic assistants (and maybe even a chiropractic student or two), during the past decade or so. For those of you reading this today, enjoy your weekend.

Get off My Back - Unless You Are My Chiropractor
(photo: the back of Denver chiropractor Dr. Steve Visentin of Care Chiropractic.)

Lets begin our Friday journey with the topic of Innate Intelligence and the quest for meaning and understanding. On the topic of Innate, chiropractor Stacy Larsen wants you to remember that the innate chiropractic force is within you, become one with the force.

Dr. Eddy Cohen reminds us that the founder of chiropractic, Dr. DD Palmer, was not talking about new and more effective treatments for neuromusculoskeletal conditions when he stated that Life is the expression of tone. The expression of tone in the human body is referred to many chiropractors as the intelligence of innate, and Canadian chiropractor Dr. Martha Collins, reminds others to Hold Your Head High and reconnect with our true selves.

Dr. James Sigafoose once asked chiropractors to define a subluxation while Dr. Rick Wren offered advice on pre-framing the subluxation. A chiropractic assistant (a.k.a. CA) from Canada wrote about the silent killer and 2007 summer blockbuster movies featured subluxation stories of movie stars choosing to live free or die hard.

One of Lake Tahoe’s finest chiropractors, Dr. Stew Bittman wrote about the ultimate objective in chiropractic, and chiropractor Tom Gregory took the time to offer 10 concepts towards a better understanding to a practice known as objective straight chiropractic.

On the topic of energy Dr. Rick Wren shared words about synergy and energy, with his advice on scheduling new patients and performing chiropractic exams. Back in 2000, Dr. Stew Bittman shared his thoughts on balancing energy worldwide and scientific cracking of the human genetic code.

When it comes to the energy of healing, let’s not forget about gratitude, retracing, goalizing, and the true healers of disease. And while not intended to offend anybody, Dr. Sharon Gorman brought words about the Imposter in chiropractic.

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