Define a Subluxation

By James Sigafoose, D.C.

I just returned home from Maine and I did not realize how beautiful it is up there, and how much the people in a small town approximated the Southern culture.

I talked to patients, and explained chiropractic to them, how and why it works, what a subluxation is and does, and what symptoms are and from whence they come. It went very well.

We had 10 chiropractors there and few if any knew what I was talking about, except the upper cervical people. An Attorney was so impressed he wanted my autograph. It is a great concern of mine as to how well we do understand this philosophy and the effect of a subluxation to the atomic level.

How many of you would be willing to write up in detail your understanding of all the above? Would it be a help to you and could you use that understanding in communicating to the people?

  • Define a subluxation
  • What are the total effects of same?
  • How does the upper cervical differ from other areas?
  • What causes symptoms and what is their value if any and why can they go away and the person is still losing potential?
  • How does the body stay together and have various densities?
  • Define life and how does it get disbursed in the body and what is the end product?

Is this a waste of time or should we be experts on the philosophy, and expert in correcting the subluxation after we find it?

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