Parker College Alumni and Friends Connect during Las Vegas Reception

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(Las Vegas) — Parker College of Chiropractic held its largest Alumni reception in Las Vegas during the Parker 2010 Vegas Seminar. Parker alumni and friends gathered and reconnected. This year’s event was exclusive to alumni and guest only and was the most well attended Vegas alumni event in the history of Parker College.

“Parker is the leader in this industry and it’s important to support the things you believe in,” said Dr. Jeffrey Cottingame ’00, Lifetime Member of the Alumni Association, who attends the reception every year. “Also, the networking opportunities and connections you can build at the alumni events are amazing.” said Dr. Cottingame.

Booth at Parker Seminars in Las Vegas Nevada

“This is our chance to tell each of you how grateful we are for your commitment to Parker,” said Timothy Gunn, Director of Alumni Relations. “It’s because of your generousness that we have awarded students with scholarships, held After Hours visits in your clinics to benefit future chiropractors with a better understanding of the profession, and accomplished so many more of our goals this past year.”

One of the alumni association’s biggest achievements is the Alumni Association Endowment Fund Scholarship, created by the Lifetime Members in 2008, and has been awarding Parker students with scholarships each year. One-hundred percent of the Lifetime Membership fee is contributed to the Endowment Fund for scholarships. The alumni association is currently on its way to recognizing its 200 Lifetime Members, which has made a fun competition to see who can get the coveted spot receiving a special recognition.

Dr. Michelle Krenek ’08 became a Lifetime Member quickly after graduating. “I feel like Parker put so much into me that I had to give back,” said Dr. Krenek. “The education I received from Parker was amazing. Everything I come across in practice, Parker has prepared me for.”

The association will host the next alumni reception during the Chiropractic Society of Texas on March 13, 2010 at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center in Dallas (5410 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75240), Texas. RSVP to the Office of Alumni Relations.

For a complete list of upcoming events or to become a Lifetime Member, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 800.PR.ALUMS or visit @ 9:25 am | Article ID: 1266081923