Free Continuing Chiropractic Education

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I don’t think I know a single chiropractor that doesn’t like free continuing education, and I believe it’s available in many states throughout the country. In nearly every state of the US I believe chiropractors are required to complete continuing education (CE) hours on a regular basis. In some states educational requirements are done yearly, and in other states educational requirements are taken care of biannually. Chiropractic continuing education hours are typically 12 to 20 hours per year, depending on the state educational hours are being applied for. I like going for continuing education each year, not only for learning new information, but for getting together with other chiropractors and finding out what they’ve been up to the past year or so.

New Jersey Chiropractor Demonstrating Chiropractic Adjustments(photo: a chiropractor demonstrates side posture chiropractic adjusting)

I was recently on campus at Life University in Marietta Georgia, and while I wasn’t there for continuing education, I spoke to several chiropractors about where they get their renewal hours taken care of. Chiropractor Jim Dubel reminded me that the New Beginnings chiropractic philosophy program will be hosting a continuing education program in October of this year (I’ll be one of the presenters).

I was also recently at Parker in Las Vegas, where hundreds of doctors of chiropractic from across the United States, renewed their continuing education for 2010. While at Parker, chiropractor of the year Dr. Bill DeMoss informed me that there would be continuing education credits available for California doctors of chiropractic at the March 2010 DCS event in Orange County. Besides chiropractors being able to get continuing education credits, DCS is one of the hottest events in chiropractic.

But what about free continuing education for chiropractors? I don’t know about the rest of the nation, but in the state of California I know of two great ways chiropractors can get free continuing education. One is to get a lifetime Alumni Association membership from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles (see my post: Alumni Association Lifetime Chiropractic Membership). The other is to become a paying dues member of the California Chiropractic Association (see Time to Join California CCA).

While neither of these are flat out free, both options are quite worth the investment. If you are practicing chiropractic in the state of California, you don’t have to be a graduate of the Cleveland school in downtown LA, in order to become a lifetime alumni member. You may want to check with the school you graduated from and see if they have a similar program. What’s cool about being a lifetime alumni with CCCLA is that each year members are entitled to continuing education programs that are provided free via the alumni association. In my experience all of the events have been held on campus in downtown Los Angeles, and they’ve all been fantastic.

Besides becoming a lifetime member at Cleveland, chiropractors that have joined the CCA have several opportunities in 2010 to get free continuing education. I’m planning to attend the CCA convention in June in Reno Nevada, and I believe there’s going to be free continuing education at that event as well. Currently, the CCA is offering 12 hours of free continuing education in San Jose, scheduled for March 20 and 21st. There is also a 12 hour continuing education program taking place in Santa Ana on February 20 and 21st, and a 12 hour chiropractic education program taking place in Sacramento on April 17 and 18th. All of the CCA continuing education events are free for paid members. Get more details by visiting the California Chiropractic Association website ( Tell them Dr. Mike from sent you (but don’t expect any special gift for doing so).

If you know about free continuing education programs for chiropractors in your state, I’d like to hear about them. @ 9:34 pm | Article ID: 1265952910