4 Business Cards from Georgia

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I picked up some chiropractic business cards while on campus at Life University in Marietta Georgia a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to post some of those cards here. I must have a few thousand chiropractor business cards in my collection at this point. Even so, I still prefer going online and searching for chiropractors, rather than sifting through piles of business cards tucked away inside a shoe box somewhere in my home.

vida chiropractic centerVida Chiropractic Center – Kennesaw Georgia

The first card comes from Kennesaw Georgia, and I received it from Dr. Andres Jimenez. The office is called Vida Chiropractic Center and it is located at 3820 Ethridge Place NW – Kennesaw, GA 30144. You can call the office at 770-363-6613. Visit the chiropractor’s website at VidaChiro.com.

I snapped these chiropractic business card photos with my iPhone so the quality may not appear like it has in some previous posts. For the 10 business card chiropractor Saturday post I had my Canon DSLR Rebel camera handy, so I got nicer pictures.

rubin family chiropracticRubin Family Chiropractic

I was really happy to see Dr. Drew Rubin and his family while I was in Marietta. I have not seen him since we were both at New Beginnings chiropractic philosophy weekends in New Jersey. Drew recently wrote an article for planet chiropractic titled: chiropractic care for children and the pregnant mom. Dr. Drew Rubin is a terrific chiropractor and an expert in pediatric chiropractic and pregnancy chiropractic type techniques and approaches towards care. His chiropractic office is located at 255 Village Pkwy., Suite 620 in Marietta, GA 30067. You can call the office at 770-937-6300. Chiropractors throughout the world seeking a family and wellness minded referral source in the Marietta area can count on Dr. Rubin.

rodnick chiropracticRodnick Chiropractic Michigan

I spoke to several chiropractors practicing in Michigan while I was at LIFEforce in Georgia. One of those chiropractors was Dr. Alexander Rodnick, a graduate of Life University. His business card had four different locations listed on it, which depending on how you look at things, may present a greater challenge when organizing office information for online local search. The four cities represented are Midland, Claire, Commerce Township, and Saginaw Michigan. I particularly liked the phone numbers on the card, and how they read “LIFE – KIDS – NERV – PAIN”. Give one of the above listed chiropractic office’s a call if you’re seeking a chiropractor in the Michigan area.

gambino family chiropractic

Gambino Family Chiropractic

I saved this card for last simply because it was formatted differently than the three cards above. Some people like to print vertically on their business cards and others prefer to print horizontally. By the way, two out of the four cards had information printed on the back. The Rodnick card had appointment information on it, and the Gambino Family Chiropractic card had a photo of a baby along with a quote.

The Gambino family practices chiropractic in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Dr. Dan Gambino was one of the chiropractors that helped keep Santa Claus going during the 2005 worldwide toy drive season. The office is located at 217 N. 27th St. in Clarksburg West Virginia and the zip code is 26301. You can call the office at 304-623-7800 and you can visit their website at DrGambino.com.

It was great seeing everyone in Georgia, I love hanging out with other chiropractors, especially when they’re so fired up about what they do.

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  1. You bring up a good point about going through a shoebox of business cards. If an office had a plain and otherwise boring card, it’s going to be hard to pick out of a stack. The creative ones (like some on this post) with most likely get the most attention and be kept by clients.

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