Photos from Anaheim Conference

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I didn’t take many photos during the past weekend but I did get some of several chiropractors and others that were in attendance at a conference I was attending in Anaheim.

Michael DeNapoli and Michael Blum

This first photo is of chiropractors Michael DeNapoli and Michael Blum. Both Michaels practice in Southern California and I was sitting next to them for most of the morning on Saturday. We were joking about names for a chiropractic franchise owned by guys named Michael. We thought about calling it 3 Mikes, Mike Cubed, or Mike Mikey and Michael. These two are both great chiropractors.


This next photo is of Dr. Steve Visentin from Denver, Colorado. He flew in for the weekend and it was great to have him around. Dr. Steve and his Krameria Street chiropractic office are quite famous in the city of Denver. Amongst chiropractors he is recognized as an individual with a huge heart and an appetite for goodwill. He also always has cool stuff to share with others, like this postcard.

Dorausch Michelle

This photo is of me and WWE Wrestling Superstar Candice Michelle. Candice had a fractured left clavicle so she had some off time from traveling to attend the conference with her husband (photo below). We shot some video and did an interview (about GoDaddy, Wrestling, and Chiropractic) which should appear here by the end of the week.

Cohen Ehrlich

This photo is of chiropractors Luke Cohen and Ken Gee Ehrlich (Candace’s husband). It’s rare to see these guys in T-shirts as they are two of the best dressed chiropractors that I know. They are both really incredible people and I see them at chiropractic events frequently. Dr. Luke maintains a successful practice in the Palisades and he speaks at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles fairly regularly. Ken Gee is on the list of funniest chiropractors I know and he’s really a blast to hang around with. His patients love him.


Chiropractor Brandon Takahashi gives us the thumbs up on a successful day of chiropractic education and fellowship. We traveled together from LAX to Panama City for the 2004 CREW chiropractic mission and have attended dozens of chiropractic conferences together.

Six out of the seven chiropractors in these photos practice within 35 miles of each other. We all love what we do and actually look forward to hanging out with one another as often as we can. It’s a great feeling sharing with others that have common interests and desires.

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