The Board from December with Birthday Model

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Someone was in the ADIO Chiropractic office today and we were having a discussion about our January 2008 birthday board. They reminded me about the birthday board post from September of 2007 and I remembered there was a photo taken of the December birthday board, which was going to be used with the 2008 success tips post. Since I forgot to post it in December a thought I’d post it today.

December Birthday Board

These dry erase whiteboards are less than $50 at most office superstores and places like Costco. I think even IKEA has whiteboards and marker sets, and they’re probably less than $50 total. Read that post on marketing tips for more information about the board.

It was quite a day here in LA and the weather has been improving since last week’s California storm. I’ve been reminded to update my life in my Los Angeles chiropractic story as there has been some recent celebrity related activity going on. I’ve promised not to spread any celebrity gossip so I’ll be holding off on posts until everything is clear.

For chiropractors that are seeking some fresh 2008 topics, check out chiropractic money in politics 2008, 2008 highlighted seminars (first six months), and opportunities nationwide (classified ad related article).

For everyone else there was a post earlier this week on living better tips, and a news post about insurance deductibles for health care.

Have a great weekend wherever you are!