Miscellaneous 2008 Stuff

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Going through Picasa photo archives for 2008 and figured I’d post some of the images from the past year to this blog.

In January 2008 I upgraded the monitors at my home office with 3 24 inch Dell LCD screens and I’ve been using that set up all year. Looking back from now, I’ve gotten pretty spoiled as a result, and have managed to fill all three desktops with applications and browser tabs I use frequently. My goal for 2008 is to modify the desk for even better ergonomics.

In February I was at a chiropractic conference in Tempe Arizona. Went to Hooters for some chicken wings and beer. Took this photo of a kid celebrating his birthday party by standing on a chair and dancing like a chicken while surrounded by Hooters girls. When I was that age you got visited by Bozo the clown.

Later in the month of February I was in San Jose, California for search conference that turned out to be a really fun event. I like hanging out with other chiropractors, but my search engine and social media friends are a lot of fun to party with as well.

March 2008 was Barcamp 5 Los Angeles which took place at the AOL building in Beverly Hills California. The event was sponsored in part by Planet Chiropractic and the attendance was incredible. We had two days of geeky tech stuff, cupcakes, pizza, beer, Wii bowling, and other activities that take place when you put large groups of geeks together in one place. I got to meet the defunct pets.com sock puppet while at Barcamp, he was very popular.

An April chiropractic event in Las Vegas somehow turned into a blur after going out with friends to the Playboy club at the Palms casino. Turns out I went to college with the floor manager and drinks were on the House. This photo of Candace Michelle and friend beats any photos taken of me that evening.

There were more search conferences and chiropractic seminars to attend in late April and in May and it’s funny that while going through photos I noticed lots of pictures of food we were served when going to restaurants. Here’s a photo of a plate of ribs with onion rings and french fries. It wasn’t taken while at a seminar, but rather just down the street from me at the Cheesecake Factory in Marina del Rey.

Also taking place in May was San Diego 3 Barcamp which was a lot of fun to attend. Making the trip down from Los Angeles to La Jolla for the geek filled weekend was well worth it. We spent two days in the Microsoft building. I missed the San Diego Barcamp in November since I was in Las Vegas for 2008 Pubcon. On the list of weekend things to do in 2009.

I made a couple of trips to Seattle in May and one of my favorite times while there was visiting the library. I think this photo of upcoming article headlines comes from a 1965 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. I’m not certain since it took so many different photographs and didn’t organize them to the covers. Notice the “Drink and Be Healthy Cocktails” article headline in the middle. It reads a whole repertoire of famous drinks for people who want to shore up a little nourishment and health while they’re nipping. Who knew drinking could be so good for you?

While at a chiropractor conference in May or early June I took this photograph of a before and after chiropractic adjustment T-shirt. I had seen the design on chiropractic business cards in the past, but this was the first time I saw the squiggly spine and the straight spine on someone’s shirt. Very simple to re-create.

In June I was also in Yosemite National Park and took numerous photos during my stay there. The weather was incredible and the hiking was phenomenal. The pictures do not do the place justice. Everybody should have the opportunity to visit Yosemite and enjoy its beauty.

After returning home from a chiropractic relicensing seminar at my alma mater I took this photograph of one of my sleeping Labradors wearing a Cleveland Chiropractic College baseball cap. Unlike my other lab, this one will pretty much let you put caps and sunglasses on her, without making too much of a fuss.

In September of 2008 I had some Ron Paul revolution soda while at an Internet conference in Las Vegas. There were differently branded sodas for the various presidential candidates, and someone is probably put together a nice collection of all of the soda photos somewhere.

While attending another conference in Las Vegas (I think that was the most popular place for conferences in 2008) I got to stand inside a machine filled with money. It was like a big vacuum cleaner turned on in reverse, with cash laying all over the floor. You would stand inside the phone booth shaped unit and when the air turned on the cash went flying. Lots of fun and a great tool for marketing at conferences.

I’m hoping 2009 is a prosperous, abundant and healthy year for you. Thanks for checking out my photographs from 2008.

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  1. I was checking on chiropractic blog sites and your pictures caught my attention. Especially the t-shirt. 🙂

    Chiropractic helped me a lot. Since I was a kid, I was sort of a hunchback. I was one of the tallest girls in our class and that made me embarrassed. (therefore, I tend to hunch my back) and since then I had bad posture. My primary care doctor told me that I can’t do anything, a “back brace” is too late to fix my posture. I always had back pain, upper to low back. Until I met my chiropractor (www.floreschiropractic.net) and gave it a shot, now my back pain is gone and im on my way to getting better.

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