Cambodian Chiropractic Mission Trip Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Last week there was news regarding Life Chiropractic College West and a Mission Trip to Cambodia. The trip featured Life West faculty, alumni, and college interns traveling to provide chiropractic care in Cambodia. Iris J. Murillo, public relations manager for Life Chiropractic College West, emailed a few photos that were taken during the trip. I wanted to share them here.

cambodia chiropractic mission trip 2009Chiropractors, Chiropractic Interns, and lot’s of smiles

I love that people take the time to get photos during mission trips, we get so consumed in providing care that often times some of the little things (like stopping to take pics) get overlooked.

cambodia chiropractor mission trip 2009Hands On Chiropractic Care

Imagine being able to get that Life Giving Adjustment for the very first time? Awesome stuff! Depending on the groups organizing the mission trips, chiropractors may be providing full spine care, cervical spine only care, or a combination of cervical seated care and table full spine care (perhaps depends on ratio of chiropractors to people being served). In past trips I’ve participated in (like Costa Rica) much of the adjusting was seated cervical care. I like the idea of having people on a table but that can be a long day when serving on missions.

mission trip 2009 chiropractic cambodiaSmiling Faces

Chiropractors that participated in this mission will remember their experiences forever, and they’ll have fond memories of the smiles shared by people they met during their journey. If you want to get out of your head space and serve for the sake of serving, there’s nothing quite like a mission trip to motivate you. Congrats to all that invested the time and energy to make the trip a success.

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  1. Yeah! That was an amazing mission trip. What a powerful gift to give somebody…a gift of a heighten awareness of one self so that they could be of a better effect to their own environment long after we’re gone home.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos, Dr. Dorausch. They add color and life to the idea of mission trips, don’t they! Kudos to Dr. Kim Khauv for organizing the mission to Cambodia.

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