Chiropractic Care for Children and for the Pregnant Mom

By Drew Rubin, D.C.

Patients often walk into our office and stare in amazement at the huge cork board by the front door. What are they looking at? They see dozens of pictures of children on our Chiro-Kid wall, ranging in age from 10 hours old through elementary and high school. Even the UPS person and other delivery people are taken aback the first time they come in when they see the pictures of happy kids around our front entrance.

Why adjust children? Even newborns? We want to make sure they are as healthy as they can be. Imagine the forces working against their little spines during pregnancy, all jammed up waiting for their time. Then picture the stress of giving birth, sometimes even prolonged labor, or c-sections in which they are literally pulled out (c-sections, contrary to popular belief, are not easier on the child). Now think of how many times a child falls as he/she learns how to walk, run, ride a bike, plays with his friends? It is rare for a child these days to escape their early years without spinal misalignments. And these misalignments won’t cause them pain like they might in you and me. They will more likely effect their immune or respiratory system (creating asthma, allergies, ear infections, and chronic illness), or their digestive system (causing colic, constipation, and other stomach issues). Most of the pictures on our walls come with a story, about one childhood ailment after another disappearing under chiropractic care.

Rubin Chiropractic Family
Drew Rubin Chiropractic Family – Photo taken at LIFEforce Jan 2010
What about pregnant women? Why adjust them? Think back to your pregnancy, when you were at 8 months. Your center of gravity was way out in front of you, causing you to be totally off balance. That’s the last thing you need as you reach the end of term and go into labor. We’ve seen remarkably healthy pregnancy’s and deliveries with women under chiropractic care. Less back pain during pregnancy, healthier, quicker labors, and an under 10% c-section rate (the national average is 25-30%). Plus many women have come in whose baby’s were in a difficult position (breech, transverse, facial), and with the famous gentle chiropractic technique known as Webster’s, we’ve watched 87% of women end up with baby being head down. They go on to have the natural childbirth that they thought they’d miss out on.

Chiropractic changed my life in 1984 when I watched 15 years of Asthma and Allergies finally disappear after 3 months of care. That’s why I became a chiropractor.
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Dr. Drew Rubin, BS, DC, CCSP, DACCP is a board certified pediatric chiropractor and certified sports chiropractor. He is on the faculty of Life University College of Chiropractic and has been in private practice since 1989. @ 9:07 am | Article ID: 1264698482