Tuesday night DCS with Chiropractor Patrick Gentempo

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractor Patrick Gentempo Jr. came out to Orange County and spoke at the DCS clubhouse last night in Newport Beach. The event, which is typically held on a Wednesday night, was instead this time held on a Tuesday, and I believe it was well worth the trip for all that attended (not many drove further than me to be there).

Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Jr. speaking to the DCS audience

There were the traditional goodies available at the gathering, and thanks to traffic being light and my getting there early, I had some time to speak with local chiropractic students from nearby chiropractic colleges.

Meet Frank Zermeno and Donna Sapiandante, future chiropractors.

The two chiropractic students shown above or part of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students. A group of us spoke about raising funds so large groups of students could attend the yearly conference, which will be in New Zealand in 2009. We are going to help them raise $40,000 so that students from both Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles and Kansas City can attend.

This is the kind of stuff I did in chiropractic school when I was a student. I was fortunate to be helped by numbers of chiropractors when I was in school. People like Drs. Ian Grassam, Fred Barge, James Sigafoose, Danita Thomas Heagy, Luis Ocon (and many others) assisted my classmates and myself to get the most out of our years as chiropractic students. I believe it’s our responsibility as chiropractors to continue paying it forward and find ways to support current and incoming chiropractic students.

This is Edgar with BJ Palmer

The photo above is of Edgar, he keeps things going at DCS. I noticed Dr. Bill last night was picking up napkins and leftover pizza trash (chiropractors clean up after yourselves) but Edgar is the guy that keeps the technology rolling in the clubhouse. You can usually find him at the video camera or somewhere near the back of the room. He is a great person and does a lot to help keep DCS ticking.

Last month DCS featured Dr. Fred Schofield, speaking on the dynamics of energy. In August it was Miami chiropractor Joe Accurso who was on the stage. I posted some business cards from the August meeting, I’ll be posting the ones I received last night sometime later this week. I love that chiropractors are gathering together in Southern California for events like these. It helps us to get to know our local DCs, build friendships, and make better suited referrals.

If you’re in Southern California and not attending DCS meetings you are really missing out. I’ve spoken to representatives from the CCA that have been in attendance, representatives of the ACA that have been in attendance, and representatives of the ICAC that have been in attendance. Dr. Bill and the rest of the DCS crew are doing an incredible job in bringing a diversified group of chiropractors together for a singleness of purpose.