DCS Orange County 2010 Chiropractic Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here is the first set of photographs from the 2010 Dead Chiropractic Society DCS Chiropractic extravaganza at the performing arts center in Orange County California. The 2010 Orange County event rocked as expected, and plenty of chiropractor turned out for continuing education and fired up chiropractic excitement. Consider this round one of photos from DCS 2010.

Atlas Flag ChiropracticChiropractic Atlas Flag

The first cervical vertebrae replaces the stars on this chiropractic flag piece of art. There were quite a few pieces of artwork around the Performing Arts Center, all with a chiropractic theme. I noticed several variations of this flag piece of art and I really liked the way this one was done.

Scott Van Horn and Clinton Jones, DC

On my way over to the CCA booth to take photos of CCA sales director Scott Van Horn I was introduced to former Minnesota Vikings running back ( turned chiropractor) Clinton Jones. The three of us talked pro football for several minutes and Clinton told some really cool stories about his days with the Minnesota Vikings, playing college football for Michigan State, and his trading to the San Diego Chargers, which eventually led him onto the path of becoming a doctor of chiropractic.

Parker Chiropractic College Pres. Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

This photo was taken from about six floors up, nearly in the rafters of the Orange County Performing Arts Center, above a crowd of chiropractors, chiropractic students, and chiropractic office staff listening to Dr. Fabrizio Mancini gave a spectacular talk on the principles, science, philosophy and art of chiropractic.

Adjustors Live Rock ‘n Roll

Taken from way in the back, The Adjustors take the stage for some live rock ‘n roll. The entire chiropractic program was intermixed with rock ‘n roll music, compelling educational videos, and two different live rock ‘n roll acts. No one in chiropractic does anything quite like they do it in Orange County California. As chiropractor Ian Grassam said when speaking to a sold out Southern California crowd of chiropractors in 1997 (the event took place right down the street from this one) “if you’re going to be a nut, you may as well be a big nut.”

6 thoughts on “DCS Orange County 2010 Chiropractic Photos”

  1. Hey Dr. Mike. That was a killer event this weekend. Dr. Fab and Dr. Glow layed it down. Just found out Dr. Fab won a lifetime achievement award. I’ve never heard him speak before but after this weekend I can see how a guy like that would achieve something of that status. Happy for him. Hopefully next year’s Jam will be bigger and even better.

    Camarillo’s Chiropractor,
    Dr. Aaron Bates

  2. I’m bummed that I missed it. I even won free tickets from Cliff Tao’s facebook radiology question. Might be a curse that me and my gal’s anniversary is that weekend.

  3. I got the info in the mail, but didn’t realize it was so much fun. After seeing this post, I’ll be sure to make it next time. Thanks.

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