2010 California Jam Rocks Orange County

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

White lightning flashed across the sky as the 2010 Dead Chiropractic Society (DCS) California Jam shaked the foundations of the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa California on March 12, 13th, and 14th. The continuing chiropractic education event was loaded full barrel with spizzerinctum. Chiropractors from across the globe, with the majority coming from the state of California, and a healthy number traveling from throughout the United States, dipped themselves in chiropractic philosophy and fellowship, while many renewed continuing education requirements for 2010 relicensing.

DCS California Jam 2010
Massive Chiropractic Jam Stage Overhang
Chiropractors appeared to be all smiles on Saturday, as the music cranked loud, and the chiropractors shouted even louder. Those speaking were in rare form, with several chiropractors giving some of their best talks ever, according to practicing doctors in chiropractic I spoke to in the audience.

Darrel Crain Damon West
While at the weekend long event, I met up with several former classmates from my 1998-1999 classes from Cleveland College in Los Angeles. In the photograph above are chiropractors Darrel Crain and Damon West. Dr. Crain has written numerous articles for Planet Chiropractic during the past decade, with many of them focused on vaccination, nutrition, and corporate greed over childhood health. Now a chiropractor in Sacramento, Dr. Damon West was the chiropractic student who photographed Chiropractor Ian Grassam when he spoke at the CCCLA Los Angeles campus in 1997.

Jason Deitch Fabrizio Mancini
Discover Wellness author, Dr. Jason Deitch, photographed with Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas Texas. Dr. Mancini recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance.

Sharon Gorman Dean DePice
Two of my favorite chiropractors from the state of Pennsylvania, Dr. Sharon Gorman (a long-time author on Planet Chiropractic) and Dr. Dean DePice. Dr. Dean runs TLC chiropractic coaching, based out of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Dr. Sharon Gorman recently moved to Atlanta Georgia, as she has actively been promoting Life University to prospective chiropractic students, along with developing and promoting the LifeForce Program. Dr. Gorman may soon be a Roswell Chiropractor. If she opens a new office, I’ll be coming to visit.

There are plenty of photos from the 2010 California Jam, and we have several stories coming together from interviews done with chiropractors attending the weekend long event. Watch for upcoming DCS related news and photographs by the end of this week. Have a spectacular Monday!

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