Ronald McDonald Gets Chiropractic Adjustment

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I don’t know if they still do this in the USA but in Panama Ronald McDonald still goes around to hospitals and orphanages to visit kids there. During one chiropractic mission to Panama (I think in 2003) a chiropractor from Florida met crossed paths with Ronald at one of the child centers.

Ronald McDonald Gets Adjusted

What Nice Red Hair You Have
Childrens volunteer gets a chiropractic checkup and adjustment while outside a child center in one of Panamas many provinces. The facility in the background is a gymnasium and they are interesting in the way they are designed and built. The walls feature cinder blocks that let the air flow through the gym and the roof is constructed of metal sheets.

Imagine playing basketball (or adjusting) in that gym when it’s 102 degrees outside, rain is pouring down, and there is no wind. Talk about hot and muggy!

Hence the Towel
You’ll notice the chiropractor has a towel on her right hip. That was common attire for chiropractors working in the area. They had to keep their hands dry between adjustments and the towel on hip turned out to work better than the hands on shirt method.

antoher panama adjustment photo

While shorts are uncommon (especially on women) in Panama, most preferred to wear them while seeing patients. During these trips it was not uncommon for a single chiropractor to check and adjust 600 or more (sometimes many more) people per day. They came in bus loads by the thousands.

There are some related articles here, here, and here. To my knowledge, nearly every chiropractor listed on the Florida Chiropractic page has participated in at least one mission trip to Panama.

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