Blogging SOAP Note Taking Laptop Stations

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

More photos that I found on the front desk computer. These may not be of too much interest to non-chiropractors but they are actually nice and efficient workstation setups that we’ve used successfully for a few years now.

3 Foot Efficient Laptop Workstation
There are 3 setups like this in my LA chiropractic office and they have served us very well. The space measures a bit more than 3′ but we’ve got everything needed all in one space.

The counter has no edges which is safer for patients. There is a clipboard that has blank SOAP sheets (note taking for chiropractors), some Pilot black pens (for nice notes), Altoids, business cards, tissues, some sticky notes, an atlas vertebra, exercise handouts (under the counter) and one of three Dell laptop computers.

Blogging SOAP Note Taking Laptop Stations

These are the smaller 12″ Inspiron 700m models, recently replaced with XPS 1210’s (all running ubuntu), which serve several functions in the office.

The laptops get used for note taking, report writing, web browsing and such, but they also are great blogging stations. All run skype and other messengers so we can keep connected with our friends in social media circles.

Chiropractic Posters Cheat Sheets
Here is another view that shows some of the posters on the walls.  In my experience posters like this work great for educating people about chiropractic care and the office.

twitter station

Posters like the one on the left wall also come in handy as there are dozens of conditions listed along with information about nerve pathways, the spinal column, and associated complaints/symptoms.

Lot’s of discussion involving vertebral subluxation and corrective chiropractic care in this office. I don’t include subluxation info in my twitters but maybe I’ll begin doing that soon.

Chiropractors can sit or stand while using these stations and that’s worked really well for helping to avoid neck and back strain. Last thing we want is chiropractors sitting at the computer all day and developing poor posture.