Dialing 911 to Report Smokers

by Michael Dorausch

911 what’s your emergency? I’d like to report someone smoking.

On a recent trip through the town of Paia (located off the Hana highway in Maui, Hawaii) I snapped a photo of this no smoking, no drinking, no camping sign outside of a youth and cultural center.

911 No Smoking MauiDial 911 To Report Smokers – Visiting several public locations, I noticed that no smoking laws in Hawaii appeared to be rather strict, even more so than those in the state of California (there are recent smoking bans on some popular California beaches). But calling 911 to report a smoker? I wonder how such a call would be responded to on the mainland. At least they are polite and say thank you (Mahalo).

The cultural center is located next to a grassy park and a nice stretch of beach that’s open to the public. Quite a few kids hitting the waves and no shortage of adults enjoying a few cold ones in the shade when I was there to visit.
Surfing the beach in Paia HawaiiBeach at Paia Hawaii – So if you are hanging out on the grass or sand (within 100 feet of the cultural center) you’d better not be smoking, drinking, or camping, as you may find yourself the subject of a 911 emergency call. And don’t pee in the pool.