6 Months Highlighted Seminars for Chiropractic 2008

by Daria Belov

Happy 2008! A new year means new conference and seminar schedules for the health-care industry of chiropractic. Professional events for chiropractors are held worldwide and there’s lots of opportunity to attend a number of great conferences this year. I’ve compiled a brief list of known upcoming events taking place during the month of January 2008 along with some general information regarding attendance.

It’s not uncommon for other health-care professionals to attend chiropractic events but it’s a good idea to check with the parties coordinating the seminars in order to see who the intended audiences are. Many chiropractic focused continuing education events are attended by medical doctors (including orthopedic surgeons and neurologists), attorneys, physical therapists, physical medicine practitioners, and sometimes even dentists.

When it comes to marketing related conferences, a long list of businesses you could locate in the Yellow Pages would benefit from chiropractic centered marketing related events. Non-chiropractic business professionals can often be found attending these events, applying the tools of one trade, to another. While not necessarily focused on marketing, conferences such as those put on by Parker, New Beginnings, and Dynamic Essentials, are frequently open to chiropractic staff and family members. Again, check with those coordinating events to determine eligibility and cost for attendance by non-chiropractors.

female chiropractor performing assessment on neckJanuary 2008 – We will begin the year in Orange County, California with a chiropractor focused event featuring Dr. Eric Plasker. The Dead Chiropractic Society Presents Dr. Eric Plasker is being held on a Wednesday night at the Dead Chiropractic Society Clubhouse which is located at 20321 Birch Street, Suite 100, Newport Beach, CA 92660. For those traveling by car, the venue is located just off Irvine Ave. and is in close proximity to the 73 and 55 freeways. If you’re flying in from out of state, the venue is located nearby the John Wayne Orange County Airport.

Friday and Saturday (January 11 and 12) is an event being held in Atlanta, Georgia which features Dr. Rob Schiffman. Get The Big Idea (GTBI) Principled Revolution Seminar is the title for the event and it’s being held at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta. Dr. Schiffman is hosting a number of chiropractic events throughout 2008, all of which are being held in the same area.

The DE movement continues into January 2008 with a seminar taking place at the Embassy Suites in Atlanta, Georgia. Dynamic Essentials Seminars – Atlanta, Georgia is a powerful catalyst to personal change and growth. Dynamic Essentials recognizes that Chiropractors go through a long, strenuous and sometimes deficient educational process. This educational process often disregards Chiropractic’s founding principles and scoffs at the idea that there is more to life than what science can easily prove.

New Jersey is not the most fun place to visit in January but the New Beginnings Chiropractic Conference makes the trip worthwhile for many. New Beginnings for a New Future Weekend January 2008 takes place the last weekend of January and it’s an event that is open to chiropractic families, staff, and other health-care professionals.

View the seminars mainpage for a list of highlighted events taking place during the first six months in 2008.

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