Great Opportunities for Chiropractors Wanting to Practice

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There are many great opportunities for chiropractors seeking to practice chiropractic throughout the globe. One of the benefits I have at Planet Chiropractic is the opportunity to see what types of advertisements are being posted to our chiropractic classifieds multiple times per day. Yesterday it was my turn to approve current advertisements and I smiled when I saw 2 posted at nearly the exact same time. I took a screenshot.

experienced excited chiropractor classified
experienced excited chiropractor classified
Chiropractic classified advertisements numbered 42352 and 42353 had appeared on the screen. Both ads were for successful chiropractic practices and both classifieds were placed by chiropractors I know well. The first was posted by Dr. Dan Ribley, a passionate chiropractor that I first met back in the 1990s when we were both taking the national boards. Dr. Ribley is looking for an experienced excited chiropractor that is ready to adjust lots of people at a great office.

Here’s the body of the listing from his Woodstock Georgia office…

Ready to adjust lots of people at a great office. We are looking to help change peoples lives and would like you to be a part of that. Positive uplifting practice to work in get mentored from a doctor who has seen as many as 1000 a week who has started a new practice and is looking for the right doctor to work with him. Only mission minded people call who have big dreams, who wants to do what they went to school for… change peoples lives we need that now more then ever in todays world. Must be a great confident adjuster with a great work ethic and attitude.

I am on the mission as well, serving people chiropractic in Los Angeles, so his ad really resonated with me. A fortunate chiropractor is going to have their life changed while changing the lives of others and I look forward to hearing your story when we meet.

Posted at nearly the exact same time, was a position opportunity for an associate Doctor of Chiropractic to work with Dr. Brian Wikoff. I also met Dr. Brian way back when I was a chiropractic student in the 1990s, Planet Chiropractic was in its early beginnings at that time and we didn’t yet offer classified ads (that came in 1999). Dr. Brian has been passionate about chiropractic since the day I first met him and he runs a successful family chiropractic practice in Santa Ana California.

These are only two chiropractor selected from numerous ads that get posted daily, and while I may be biased, I feel there is tremendous opportunity for chiropractors to connect with others and move forward with great success.

In 1998 I posted the following on the Planet Chiropractic about page… Planet Chiropractic was launched with the intent of connecting more chiropractors with their colleagues and to increase awareness and involvement in the worldwide chiropractic community.

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