Vaccine and Other Drug Shortages

An article from Nando Media titled “Vaccine shortage forces U.S. hospitals to ration adult tetanus shots” reads like a spine chilling thriller, poised to put fear in the hearts and minds of all that read it.

The News
Hospitals nationwide are rationing tetanus shots for adults since there is a reportedly huge shortage of tetanus vaccine available. (Can someone please find out how many cases of tetanus were reported last year in the U.S., or in 98′ or 99′ and get back to us? We will post that information here.)

The article states that U.S. hospitals are facing one of the worst drug shortages ever, and according to reports, they don’t expect it to be the last. While the “experts” can’t point to a drug shortage that has cost a life, it’s a possibility that reportedly, has doctors and pharmacists struggling to cope.

Read that again. They cannot point to a single lost life as a result of the lack of drugs, yet they are terrified? How terrified are they when they hear that someone has died from taking the prescribed drugs that are being dispensed?

According to the article, the shortage only involves the adult version of the tetanus vaccine so there is no need to worry about your kids. They have plenty of vaccine available to pump into children.

Why such a shortage in the vaccine? Our old friend Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories (subsidiary of American Home Products, makers of Prevnar, Rotoshield, and Fen-Phen, to name a few) has suddenly decided to stop producing the vaccine.

According to the article the drug manufacturer stopped making the vaccine and called it a “business decision.” Remember folks; they are in business to make drugs, they are not in the business of creating health. Nothing personal, its just business.

According to the article, lots of other drugs are in short supply as well and doctors and pharmacists are reportedly begging and pleading for more drug doses. One pharmacist in the article stated, “We get dribs and drabs of what we’ve ordered.” They are reportedly working furiously to find alternatives to these drugs. (Are they looking for alternatives to drugs, or are they merely looking for other drugs to give in place of the drugs they lack?)

The article states that the drug shortages encourage price gouging. Some are suggesting that drug distributors call after they hear news that there will be a drug shortage and are looking to make a quick deal.

Similar to the cocaine busts we see a television. While we are watching the tube and see that several tons of cocaine has just been confiscated or a major methamphetamine lab has just been shut down, we don’t see the news affecting the drug pushers and drug buyers. Do they radically jack up prices to get more for their goods since there is a shortage on the street? Is there really any difference if it’s crack, or some pill from the pharmacy?

Towards the end of the article someone states:

“It’s put us in a panic. … If we’re unable to get the drug, we’ll have to think about canceling surgeries that aren’t emergencies.”

They are in a panic? They’re going to have to cancel surgeries that aren’t emergencies? Is that a bad thing? Perhaps, if you earn your income performing surgeries.

The end of the article states that the drug shortage is only going to get worse. Is the glass half empty or half full? Less drugs and less surgery, this is great news!

Nando Media: Vaccine shortage forces U.S. hospitals to ration adult tetanus shots

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