World Posture and Physical Fitness Pageant 1973

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

posture Queen Garden State I located this and a few other newspaper clippings featuring chiropractors in the state of New Jersey. This photo is from around 1973 and it features Dr. Bob Sottile, along with other NJ chiropractors from the Garden State society.

The newspaper clipping reads…

FITNESS WAS THE THEME — The Garden State Chiropractic Society sponsored Miss Kathy Alexis of Maplewood as the New Jersey entry in the recent World Posture and Physical Fitness Pageant in Atlanta, Ga. Miss Alexis emerged as fourth runner-up. With her are officers of the society, which has its offices in Clifton; from left, Dr. Robert Sottile of Parsippany, second vice president; Dr. Joseph Intelisano of Clifton, secretary-treasurer, and Dr. Gabriel Ricciardi of Passaic, president.

The Garden State Chiropractic Society was heavily active in the 1970’s and chiropractors in the state had a reputation of working relentlessly towards educating the public. I don’t have any related notes but I’m figuring since the pageant took place in Atlanta, it was likely tied to activities involving Life Chiropractic College located in Marietta Georgia and Dr. Sid Williams.

I have four other newspaper clippings from around the same time that feature some other chiropractors that were in the society. I also have a photo of a program from the Second Annual Chiropractic Convention at the Holiday Inn in Parsippany New Jersey, 1973.

They are interesting historical photos and clips and I plan to post them soon.