More Chiropractors Discovering Jobs Via Online Ad Systems

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Not too many years ago, the search for employment as a chiropractor typically required contacting local chiropractic colleges for job postings, checking quarterly industry related health journals for back page advertisements, and scanning through classified ads of print publications and magazines geared toward the profession of chiropractic. Like so many other disruptive methodologies that have changed the way we do things, platforms that provide niche classified advertising in a centralized location are changing the ways we seek employment, products and services.

Not Unique to One Industry
One could simply take this topic and replace the term chiropractor with one such as dentist, orthopedist, cosmetic surgeon, or neurologist, and the concepts would be applicable. Nearly all healthcare professionals previously relied on various industry-specific print publications, and contacting of locally related institutions, for inquiries regarding employment opportunities and/or hiring of associates. Since this site is focused on the industry of chiropractic, we’ll direct our attention to the job related categories populated with active advertisements on this website’s classified ad network.

chiropractic associate jobs User Feedback
While attending a chiropractic conference in Anaheim this past weekend I spoke to a chiropractic office manager for a clinic in Lancaster California that reported to recently have had success finding and hiring a chiropractic associate after posting advertisements on the classified pages. To think that we’re helping chiropractors connect with each other, and find places where they can fulfill their dreams of being a successful healthcare practitioner, motivates us to continue moving forward and improve in whatever ways we can.

Details on Job Categories
I decided to do a review of job related categories and see what kind of activity was currently taking place. As of November 12, there were 305 active classified advertisements in the category of Associates. There were an additional 67 classifieds placed in the employment opportunities category. There were 28 listings for jobs that required substitution work for those vacationing or requiring short-term coverage. That is a total of 400 job related postings to a single website in a single niche industry.

Drilling down into the associates category there were 74 listings for associates that were available for work in the United States and 184 listings for established chiropractic offices that were seeking to hire associate doctors. There were also listings for chiropractors wanted and available in Canada and internationally. Chiropractic associate opportunities that I scanned through were appearing for places such as Louisiana, Georgia, Portland, Ohio, Maryland, Colorado, Michigan, Arizona, West Virginia, and other geographic locations in the United States and Canada.

Going Viral with RSS
Not only have online classified ad databases such as this one provided a centric base for professionals to post and browse listings, addon technologies such as RSS have created ad syndication opportunities. RSS feeds dramatically increase the effectiveness of posted advertisements as they allow content that would normally appear on a single webpage to populate across a network of any number of web sites that wanted to display the specifically targeted content.

For example, a classified advertisement for an associate wanted in San Diego would be posted to the Planet Chiropractic classifieds. An RSS feed allows that advertisement to appear on a predetermined page, possibly in the classified sections of both of California’s Chiropractic Associations. The same ad could also appear on the web pages of any of the profession’s national associations, the website of any chiropractic college, or even a chiropractor’s blog.

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