Instructions to post an ad on planet chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Please note: This post refers to the old classified ads engine, I will update and add a link here when I have written a guide to posting ads on the current platform.

When you look at a web site day after day, sometimes things that seem obvious to you, are not so obvious to others. I’m aware there are lots of usability issues with the website, and we are working with designers and usability professionals to make some improvements for 2009. Sometimes you have to go back to basics, and go over things step-by-step. I received an e-mail earlier this morning from a chiropractor wanting to post a classified ad, and they were a bit confused about the steps. I threw together this quick tutorial to hopefully make things a bit easier for everyone seeking to post their first classified advertisement.

If you are having trouble finding the user registration area for setting up an ID and password, here are some pretty basic steps in getting that task accomplished.

Step 1: Wherever you are on the web site, you’ll want to locate a link to the classified ad pages. The image below shows a screenshot from the homepage, with a red arrow pointing to a link for the classified ad pages.

locate the classifieds link
If you’re currently visiting a news page (if you’re reading this article you’re probably on a news page right now) the link will look similar to the one shown in the image below. It should be findable in the navigation at the top of every page. Click on the classifieds link which will take you to the classified ad main page.

classified advertisements from a news page
Step 2: It’s critical that you read the information on the classified ad pages, before ever registering to use the site. Far too many chiropractors forget that they are on the Internet, and the potential for scams exist everywhere. It’s unfortunate how many chiropractors post their e-mail addresses into the body of advertisements, even though it’s explicitly warned that they don’t do so. That’s like painting a target on your back and inviting the world to send you e-mail spam, and worse, fraudulent offers to buy your products.

So, take a look at the image below, which shows the link to a page to be read first, and also the link for posting your first advertisement.

read this information first
When you click on the post ad tab you will see a page that asks for your e-mail address and password. Since this will be your first time posting an advertisement, you will be required to fill out the New User Registration Form.

Step 3: Click on the link for the new user registration form (see the image below) and follow the directions given. You’ll be greeted by a few paragraphs that serve as a reminder to be aware of potential scams and fraud. You will also read that multi-level marketing ads (and many other affiliate ads) will be promptly deleted, and your user account will be banned.

new user registration form
Registration is pretty simple. Enter your name, phone number, and address information. Select a username that suits you, and create a good password that’s difficult for someone to figure out. There is also a classified advertising mailing list (delivered about once a month) which you can choose to opt out of. The mail we send relates to the classified advertising community, and is usually an alert as to fraudulent or suspicious activity.

I hope you found this brief tutorial helpful. All the best with your classified ad posts. @ 12:05 pm | Article ID: 1228248338