Chiropractic Classifieds – Watch out for Scams

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Classified Ads sites are all over the internet. Even the most popular classified services such as craigslist experience scam activity daily. Our chiropractic classifieds are no exeption. Just like with everything you do on the internet, if you are posting ads, watch out for suspicious replies and activities.

Our classified pages have been of great service to many doctors of chiropractic and students. We’ve had over seventeen thousand approved ads posted since we started the service in 1999. But just like any other online activity, there are risks involved. In our experience, most scam requests have been to those selling high dollar items such as tables, Semg Units, Xray equipment, etc… However, some scammers will contact every person they can just to see if someone will bite on thier offer.

Multiple users on our site have been contacted from African, European, or even U.S. buyers involving a common scam. The majority of the scammers are actually based in Nigeria, regardless of where they say they are located.

One Scam Example:

  • Your chiropractic table is for sale for $2000.
  • The buyer wants to have his friend, business partner, or employee send you $5000 because his friend or business partner owes him $3000.
  • You are supposed to cash his bank check for $5000 and then send the remaining $2000 to the buyer, usually by Western Union.
  • This is a scam. You deposit the check and then send the buyer the extra $2000. The bank check either bounces or was a forgery and you lose your $$$.
  • Similar scams involve:

  • The buyer sends you the cost of your chiropractic table along with the cost for shipping. Later, they say they have taken care of shipping and ask for you to refund the shipping cost. They keep your refund and the original bank check bounces.
  • The buyer sends you the cost of your chiropractic table along with the cost for shipping. You are supposed to forward money to the shipper. The shipper is them using a different name or their partner in crime. You will lose whatever money you send.
  • Beware of anyone “representing a client.”
  • Beware of anyone who does not ask you specific questions about your chiropractic table.
  • Beware of anyone who speaks with you on the phone through a operator-assisted relay call (Normally used for deaf or mute people)
  • Why do they say they want the money sent by Western Union? Because this puts cash directly into the scammers hands immediately.

    Beware of people (who may say they are from outside the US) expressing interest in buying your chiropractic table and who want your address immediately. Do not give out your address before making an appointment to show the table, and only provide the address to the person who will be coming over. Ask them some questions (about themselves, their relationship to the buyer, etc.) so that you can be reasonably assured that they are credible before you give out your address.

    One basic method to follow is this:
    If any deal requires you to send the buyer money, it is a scam. @ 12:06 pm | Article ID: 1146769597