Chiropractors Arrive For Panama Mission

Twenty-six chiropractors arrived in Panama City, Panama, during the past few days. The chiropractors are here to participate in the 8th CREW chiropractic mission (the 7th in Panama) which officially begins at 9 am on Monday, October 16th, 2000. (The ladies shown to the right, are natives of Panama and were adjusted today.)

Natives of Panama

Many of the chiropractors on this mission have participated during past missions to Panama and there are some here for the first time as well. They are all preparing for an incredibly powerful week of love and service, giving the gift of chiropractic to so many people that may not have ever had the opportunity to experience a chiropractic adjustment. (There are only two licensed chiropractors practicing in Panama, a country of more than 2.5 million)

Dispite the numbers of practicing doctors here, knowledge of chiropractic and the power of the adjustment is well recognized in this country. It has been estimated that nearly 20% of the population has been adjusted as a result of the continued missions to Panama.

Something unique about this mission is the amount of television coverage being received. Although, all of the previous missions had involved government support, television and radio interviews, and newspaper articles about the missions, this one has something special added.

Drs. Danella and Stephanie

If you live in the U.S., you most likely are barraged with commercials about drugs and medications during the prime time news hours. In Panama it is different. Turn on a television here, and it won’t be long before you see a commercial (produced in part by Planet Chiropractic) promoting the mission and explaining the value of receiving chiropractic adjustments. The rotation has been so incredible, the cost would be in the millions if it was being shown in the U.S. (the commercial has been airing nation-wide on several major networks)

An incredible week is upon us, let us not forget that the healing hands of chiropractic are not only in Panama. There is currently a mission in India and most importantly, there is a chiropractic mission in your community this week. With each and every adjustment you give this week, know that across the globe chiropractors are restoring energy, re-connecting man the physical with man the spiritual. It’s a beautiful thing.

Hello to all the friends and families of the chiropractors that are here in Panama this week. Join us this week as we bring you articles, photos, and testimonials from the center of the Americas. Thanks for all you do. @ 3:10 pm | Article ID: 971647814

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