The seventh chiropractic mission to Panama officially adjusted into gear today. Chiropractors arrived from as far as Toronto, Canada and from as near as Panama’s northern neighboring country Costa Rica.

The Stadium - A Sea of Energy

The day began with Doctor Luis Ocon as a guest on the 6:00 am morning news. At 8 am, the doctors were coordinated into three groups and transported throughout Panama City. They will spend the next 5 days adjusting, loving, and serving all those that come their way.

It’s like coming home again, so many people had come in today that have been in for care during previous missions. There were many familiar faces and numerous questions as to how the dozens of chiropractors that had been here before were doing.

They asked for so many of you by name doctors, and yet you had been here once, maybe twice in the past. Do you question the power of the adjustment? These folks surely don’t. I can tell you that lives here have been changed and we will never know how great the impact has been.

How do you feel when you have the knowledge that the person in front of you may be receiving their very first chiropractic adjustment? How about if it may be their last? Is one more important than the other? Do you hear those saying “it’s just an adjustment” and how much of an impact can that one adjustment really have?

A happy place to be

Tell that to the mother of a one and a half year old child that excitedly ran into the stadium today to “show off” her child to the chiropractor that had been there to adjust the child just weeks after it was born. Just imagine for a moment how the chiropractor felt, regardless of the named condition this child was “diagnosed” with and was supposedly going to have possibly for life.

The impact is simply amazing yet it feels so right. I had to leave the hotel and find an internet connection so I could get this news to you tonight. I was not 50 yards from the hotel before my “Quiropractica” shirt was recognized and duty called. It is another fantastic day to be a chiropractor!

Join us tomorrow for more news and highlights from Panama and have a power packed day where ever you may be.

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