Save Thousands On Your Pharmaceutical Bills

The other day I received an unsolicited email with a title stating “Save Thousands on your pharmaceutical bills.”

It was a blank email, one of those I was supposed to respond to and maybe find the secret of saving huge piles of cash.

What was interesting was the blank page. It made me think. I am saving thousands on my pharmaceutical bills now, how cool.

Years ago, before I was ever under chiropractic care I used to take two Tylenol tablets before going to the gym so that I would not get a headache while working out. (I thought that was the healthy thing to do) To top that off, I used to add an aspirin tablet to my mix of herbal and non-herbal supplements that I took every morning.

Why the aspirin? Well, I heard somewhere (probably in a “health” magazine) that aspirin was good for you somehow and rather than looking into it, I just added it to the mix of stuff I took.

At sometime during my chiropractic care, I noticed that I was no longer taking the Tylenol, the aspirin, or the supplements. It wasn’t because the chiropractor told me not to take them, I just noticed they were no longer “needed” and they all eventually simply ended up in the trash.

Sometime after that I began to realize that I was no longer getting colds like I used to. I still get colds but it seems as though I now know the day before that a cold is coming and for some reason I welcome it. I don’t know why, but it comes — my body adapts, and it’s gone just as quick. I actually feel better after that. (if that makes sense) I’m like a little kid thinking “My body is so cool, it’s so strong. That cold came and I just kicked it’s butt. I am awesome!”

So as I look back on the years behind me, I realize that I have saved thousands on my pharmaceutical bills and I know many others who have done the same.

What’s my secret? I take responsibility for my health, I listen to my body, and I include lifetime wellness chiropractic care as a part of my lifestyle.

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