Summary of Chiropractic Employment Resources

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Among the most popular content searched on Planet Chiropractic is information regarding chiropractic employment, chiropractic jobs, salaries, income, and other career related topics. Those searches range from people seeking basic information about becoming a chiropractor, to specific resource information regarding job applications and hiring. The profession of chiropractic was ranked #4 among top jobs for 2005-2009 by Fast Company, and the industry was recognized as a popular choice for many young adults.

patient receiving education from a doctor of chiropractic Careers, employment, salaries, jobs, schools, income, and education all fall into similar categories. The following is an organized list of resources available that will enable you to directly visit pages of related interest.

Assessing the Salary of a Chiropractor is a four-page article that discusses the big question (How much money can a chiropractor make?) and gets into topics related to chiropractor income, statistics on salaries, employment, and determining location for one’s practice.

The section of the chiropractic blog dedicated to salaries features posts with e-mails sent in from users, 4 step business tips, and promotional mailings.

Those new to the industry that are seeking career information related to the profession of chiropractic should be contacting a chiropractic school for education related details. There are 18 schools that teach chiropractic in the United States, with two additional institutions in Canada. Outside of the US, chiropractic is taught in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Africa.

For those that are already attending college or have recently graduated, there are classified resources that focus on jobs (such as associate positions in doctor of chiropractic offices) and employment (including a career as a chiropractic assistant, positions for exam doctors, marketing directors, in-house insurance billers, and customer service representatives).

Other information available includes articles such as a chiropractors thoughts, as well as blog categories related to seminars and events.

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