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12 Thousand a Week in Cash for Chiropractic

A chiropractor in Northern California sent me some mail the other day that included a few reports from California Chiropractors (and one Washington office) and their recent cash incomes.

I thought this would provide some good information for those asking questions about chiropractic salaries, as this is an area of chiropractic practice that I find is rarely discussed online.

This is in no way to boast about chiropractors and their cash incomes, I’m just providing the information I received. As I have stated in previous posts, incomes range from around zero into six figure monthly incomes.

All data is related to DCs in California (except one) but I’m getting similar reports from chiropractors across the US. I’ll sit down with some at upcoming conferences and see about getting some tips on video, which will be posted here.

I believe these numbers are from 2006.

A Cambell Chiropractor reports collecting over $51,000 in cash for a one month period.

A Santa Cruz Chiropractor reports collecting in excess of $44,000.00 per month, cash.

Here is one for the state of Washington, a chiropractor reporting an average of $103,000 per month in cash collections, in the city of Port Orchard.

As far as I know these are all single DC offices, meaning there is one chiropractor on staff. That’s not much info but it gives you something to think about.



  1. Be careful, finding one salary in a town with 25 chiropractors can be misleading. There is never enough information, nor is there any guarantee that the numbers are correct, I get the same mailers every month… $50,000 a month by this guy, 11,000 increase by that gal.
    Take all that with a grain of salt. Those numbers are from a coaching group that is trying to get you to sign up for their services… better to go to 10 offices and look at the car the chiropractor drives…

  2. Those numbers refer to collections, but what about net? $44,000 a month isn’t bad unless your overhead is $40,000/month.

    I find it hard to believe those chiros claiming 1,000 pv/ week. I wouldn’t see that even if I charged $10/visit in my area. From my experience, people are expecting more than just a 60 second neck and back crack and “see you Wednesday.” People are smarter these days. The chiropractic newness is a bit jaded in this day and age; people want more treatment on their visits (massage therapy, exercises, etc.) Try doing 1,000 pv/ week spending 30 min per patient!

  3. Too bad the emphasis isn’t on spending quality time with patients. Like Dr. Parker always said, give good, honest service, and you will make a living.

  4. OMG….I have no idea how those chiropractors are making that much?!? I’m in San Jose, CA and I’ve been making about $35,000 per YEAR for the past 8 years!!! Fortunately I didn’t become a chiropractor for the money. If it was I would of gave up a long time ago especially with all the disrespect we get and false information from the media and so forth!!

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