Google Introducing 10 Second Advertising in YouTube Videos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Google’s video sharing site, YouTube, has been more popular than ever, and the company is looking to profit from that. Online advertising, thanks to platforms like AdWords, has been at the center of Google’s massive success. Google has announced they will begin testing a new advertising platform, using videos appearing on YouTube, to carry advertiser content.

According to quantcast reports, YouTube, ranks among the top 20 web sites (currently #14) in the United States, with an estimated 32 million+ unique visitors using the web site every month. Traffic has been on the rise all year and the timing may just be ripe for Google to introduce a successful advertising effort in video.

Google believes the ad formula they’ve set up, is unobtrusive, and will allow users of the popular web site to choose what they want to view. According to news reports, Google advertiser video ads will display after about 15 seconds into a YouTube video. The ad will appear on the bottom fifth of the screen, similar to what has become common in television broadcasting. After about 10 seconds, if the user takes no action, the ad will fade out. However, if the user chooses to click on the advertising, a video for the selected product or service will display.

It will be interesting to see which companies begin using the online video marketing opportunities made available at YouTube first. According to the quantcast statistics (see link above) YouTube’s largest audience is male, age 18 to 24, with a household income of less than $30,000 a year. Statistics show a greater affinity towards African-Americans and Asian males, with some college, or no college education. Key clothing companies in this market space include Nike, The Men’s Warehouse, and Vans footwear, according to stat reports.

Companies geared towards marketing to a youthful male audience are likely candidates for big ad spends on YouTube. Anything featuring girls, stunts, people getting hurt, and crazy animal videos, tend to be popular amongst this crowd, as shown by the number of video views and votes received. Soft drink companies and products like Mountain Dew, Monster Energy Drink, and Full Throttle may be a good fit for these types of videos.

As far as other business markets are concerned, it’s early to tell how advertising on YouTube will affect niche markets, such as industries like chiropractic. While the making of social networking shared videos (or trying to duplicate what was seen in a video), may result in many young Americans making a visit to the chiropractor, we may not see any small business video advertising appearing soon.

But there is no denying the popularity of video online as it’s growing at a radical pace. It’s showing opportunity for everyone from major corporations down to individual business owners, and at home bloggers. As an example of what’s happening in some niche business markets, a chiropractic YouTube video uploaded only a week ago, has been viewed over 300 times, without any promotion. That’s nothing in comparison to views received for videos of girls wrestling or snakes regurgitating farm animals, but it shows there’s an interest in the space.

On the small business level, this video featuring a demonstration of chiropractic adjusting (as low quality as it may appear), is resulting in new clients for this happy Los Angeles chiropractor.

RSS Readers can view the video here: Chiropractic Adjustment

One new client living in New York City, came after watching the video. They were visiting Los Angeles and made a point to stop by the chiropractic office, after landing at LAX international Airport. While big corporate advertisers will get the front page news stories when it comes to the new YouTube advertising format, profits from small businesses entering the video market are beginning to percolate, bringing more attention to marketing small businesses on a local, and sometimes even national level. @ 12:54 pm | Article ID: 1187812512