Our Practice and Our Lives are Governed by Laws

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a Law as: “A rule of conduct or action formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority”. Our lives are centered around obeying “laws” that abound in our daily experience. We have Political Laws (legislated laws that, supposedly, help modern society function smoothly), Universal Laws (the law of gravity, etc.), and Personal Laws (life-expanding or life-limiting programs that are running in our Subconscious/Innate Mind… which is the ultimate “controlling authority”).

Our Personal Laws are the strongest and most unforgiving of all of the laws and we all have them. These “programs” are running in an enormously powerful and efficient computer, our Innate Mind, and we are strongly compelled to follow them totally and completely throughout our lives, since our Subconscious/Innate Mind makes up 90% of the mind. This part of our mind is not logical or reasonable, it is, instead, strongly purposeful and goal-driven (and it considers anything and everything that has been “programmed” into it as one of our goals). Our success and fulfillment in life depends upon the quality of these “programs” that run our daily lives. These powerful Innate “programs” form our Personal Laws and we obey them every day of our life, for better or for worse, unless we remove the “life-limiting programs” that are holding us back in life. A perfect example of this concerns the number of patients we adjust each day in our practice. Why is it that the average DC adjusts only 15 patients a day while some in this profession are adjusting 300 patients a day and more? We each have a “Personal Law” regarding this aspect of our life and, inevitably, it will be obeyed by our MindBody, to our benefit or to our detriment. To find out what our Personal Law regarding our practice is, we can simply look at our practice over the past 5 years. If we average it out it will tell us exactly how much our “Personal Law” in this aspect of our life allows us to have. If we’re happy with it, Wonderful! If we are not satisfied with it, we can change this Personal Law by using what we already know how to do in this profession (this is what I call NewMillennium Chiropractic).

We all have Personal Laws (“programs” running in our Innate Mind) that expand our life or limit our life in every aspect of our experience on this planet. These areas include our health, our personal relationships, our practice, our income, our career, and our spirituality… everything that we do in this life. It is wise for us to periodically evaluate each of these areas to see how we’re doing. If we’re not satisfied with what we are allowing ourselves to receive in each of these areas, it is because of “Life-Limiting Programs” (Personal Laws) that are still running in our Subconscious/Innate Mind. Our Innate Mind is a benevolent loving entity that is here to serve our needs but it can only run the “programs” that have been put into it over the past years (generally from conception through seven years of age), which it does very effectively… and it does this with both life-expanding and life-limiting “programs”. It does not decide which “program” is good for us or which is not. It relentlessly runs the “programs” that have been put into it with incredible power and efficiency in our daily life.

The good news is that we don’t have to accept Personal Laws that hold us back (that don’t provide us with total success, health, and happiness in our life… “SHH of the Universe” as Dr. Jim Parker called it). Chiropractic adjustments, applied in a certain way, can remove those Personal Laws that are inhibiting our progress in our practice and in our life… and it can be done using any effective Chiropractic method of adjusting the spine.

We can all do this for each other. First adjust and balance the spine totally and then instruct your buddy to vividly imagine the accomplishment of whatever goals he/she have for their practice (actually experiencing the feelings, seeing the sights, hearing the sounds involved in accomplishing the goals, etc.). Take one goal at a time… number of patients adjusted daily, amount of income per month and per year, the office they want, etc. You will invariably find that their spine, when they imagine the accomplishment of their goal, is once again subluxated! The goal is set with the Subconscious/Educated Mind which brings up all the “programs” in the Innate Mind having anything to do with accomplishing that goal. If the “programs” are in conflict with the goal, you will immediately see stress expressed in their nervous system, which then causes reflex subluxations of the spine. Re-adjusting them while they vividly imagine the accomplishment of their goal will remove the triggers (or “anchors” as they are called in NLP) that cause these “programs” to be expressed in our life. When you have attained harmony between your Educated Mind and your Subconscious/Innate Mind (when you can vividly imagine your goal without it causing subluxations in your spine), everything happens “Naturally Right” in your practice and in your life. We still have to provide the intensive consistent effort necessary to accomplish our goals but now our minds will work in harmony toward that goal.

And we can all have the practice (and the life) of our dreams in the new millennium… thanks to Chiropractic!

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Dr. Sid Mouk runs an active practice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is an Activator practitioner and has been practicing NewMillennium Chiropractic for the past 5 years. He can be reached at Smoukcox.net

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