Dr. Ian Grassam – In Loving Memory

On Friday morning, November 26th, Ian Grassam passed away. He fought his greatest battle, against cancer, and finally decided to give it up and leave us in body and soul, to go home to be with our Heavenly Father.

He was one of the greatest warriors and teachers for principled chiropractic. He fought political battles for principled chiropractic, and won most in Michigan and Florida. Ian was often the chosen one when there was a challenge to debate our principles with M.D.s or political opponents.

Through D.E., I’ve known Ian for 23 years. There was standing room only whenever he took the platform to give his message. He always held his audience spellbound.

I’ll always remember Ian for his unique rhetorical expression and verbal pictures that were so clear. He pierced the listeners heart like a double-edged sword. His powerful mannerisms and gestures as he spoke to his audience; walking to the front edge of the stage and leaning forward to look eye to eye with each one of the hundreds and sometimes thousands, and making his challenge for us to “serve harder, give more of our heart and soul, and love every minute of life doing it, for the sake of God and the patients”. Ian was awesome.

I am so grateful that God created us in His image in body, mind and spirit. Thank God that through His Holy Spirit, the spirit of Ian Grassam will live on in the hearts and actions of millions by the way he touched their lives. I feel certain that in their own way his children will carry their dad’s torch. Rest assured Ian, many will carry the torch you lit.

You know, when Ian spoke to an audience, I don’t recall him yelling and screaming to make his point, until the end of his talks. And then, not yelling, but in a most powerful way, from the depths of his soul he would end his talks with: “Free at last, free at last. Thank God, Almighty, I’m free at last.” Glory to God, Ian you are free at last.

Until another time, we’ll miss you.
Rick Hodish, D.C.

In Lieu of flowers, please send donations to Life University,
1269 Barclay Circle
Marietta, Georgia, 30060
in care of “The Ian Grassam Fund”

Each of us has been touched by Ian in so many ways. The role he has played in what I do today is immeasurable. I share with you the best way that I know how.
A message from Ian
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Love Michael

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