Subluxation Benefit 2010

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Walk/Run in San Francisco Bay Area benefitting Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center. 5K Walk / 10K Run. A Family Event. Jump house, Police Children’s IDs, Fire Safety and more.

Polio Poster Girl ChiropracticYou may recall seeing photos from the mid-1950’s of a girl named Winifred who was the March of Dimes poster girl. Her sweet sad face, huge crutches and cumbersome leg braces raised millions of dollars for the March of Dimes. Unfortunately, after two and a half years of medical therapy, she was given up as an incurable case. Her grandparents took her to see Dr. Lewis Robertson, a Chiropractor. In fewer than six months, Winifred was walking without braces or crutches thanks to Chiropractic care.

Today thousands of needy children, like Winifred, are transformed by the care they receive at Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center. Thank you for your participation and caring about our children. For more information and research about children and Chiropractic care please visit

Taking Your Back To The Future, Michael Gazdar, D.C.
Saturday, September 18, 8:30 am
Lake Vasona, Circle Group Area
333 Blossom Hill Road, CA 95032 Los Gatos Run/Walk Begins at 9:00 am
Registration: Online individual sport, event name “Subluxation Benefit 5K /10K” Adults $35, Children 1-15 years old $15 Students $20. Park entry fee $6 per vehicle. Free T-Shirt if Registered by September 6. Race director Robert Martines, D.C. 408-655-9663.

SUBLUXATION: Misalignment of the vertebrae that results in nerve disturbance, causing abnormal nerve communication from the brain to the body. A subluxation may not always produce pain or discomfort, but is always an unhealthy condition. (From Latin sub — below or less than, and Lux — divine light.)
Benefitting: Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center.

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