Celebrating Chiropractic’s Birthday

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s September 2008 and that means this is the month chiropractors celebrate 113 years since the discovery of chiropractic by DD Palmer in Davenport Iowa. Events are taking place across the planet with many Local Chiropractors hosting patient appreciation weeks, Founder’s Day events (on September 18), and chiropractic school introductory nights.

Southern California Chiropractors Don Trepany and Robert Bates(photo: Southern California chiropractors Don Trepany and Robert Bates hanging loose at a recent chiropractic fellowship event in Orange County)

On Founder’s Day, September 18, 2008, Pennsylvania chiropractor Dr. Sharon Gorman is hosting a recruiting event featuring Mary Flannery from Life University. The event is taking place in her East Stroudsburg office and it is intended to introduce people to the opportunity of attending Life University and becoming a chiropractor. Dr. Sharon Gorman has been extremely successful in chiropractic practice and she has been an incredible motivator for many inside and outside the chiropractic industry.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. and there is going to be free pizza for those attending. If I lived in East Stroudsburg or a surrounding area I would definitely be in this chiropractor’s office the evening of September 18. Contact the office for more information at 570-476-4100. Gorman Chiropractic is located at: 21 Crystal Street, East Stroudsburg PA 18301.

Life University is doing great and Sharon wants it to keep growing and keep being a great representation of Chiropractic to the world. Her kids will be attending Life, where are you going to send your kids?

Also taking place during this year’s chiropractic month is a chiropractic extravaganza everyone should attend at least one time. New Beginnings in Eatontown New Jersey takes place September 25 through September 28 at the Sheraton Eatontown Hotel and Conference Center. This is the place to be for philosophical chiropractic events. Not only is New Beginnings power packed with extraordinarily motivating chiropractic speakers, the event offers 12 hours of continuing education.

Also taking place in Pennsylvania is Dr. John Madeira’s Seminar on September 12 at the Philadelphia airport. Chiropractors can get more information by visiting his web site at: www.madeirasuccess.com. Many chiropractors in Pennsylvania have reputations for leadership roles they’ve played in promoting an expanding the principles and practices of chiropractic. As Dr. Gorman has said in the past, there is no excuse for irresponsibility.

There is rumbling taking place on the West Coast as well, with a Wednesday, September 24 rock ‘n roll night at the DCS in Southern California, featuring Dr. Fred Schofield. This event will be a sellout so chiropractors are well advised to contact DCS ASAP in order to confirm seating for themselves and staff.

Parker Dallas is also taking place late in the month of September. The Parker Seminar Dallas 2008 event is scheduled for September 25 through September 27 at the Arlington Convention Center. Call 888.727.5338 for details.

Is there a chiropractic patient appreciation day taking place in your office on September 18? Any Founder’s Day events going on in your neck of the woods? Drop me an e-mail with details and let’s get the word out. Click on the yellow envelope at the top of this post for contact information.

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