Doctor Gorman Wants You Focused on Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractic philosophy events are nothing new in the Pennsylvania area and Dr. Sharon Gorman wants to make sure chiropractors are getting a chance to fellowship regularly. There was an email in my inbox today regarding an event coming up next week, and while I cannot attend, it motivated me to dig into some Sharon Gorman articles and messages from the past.

There are dozens of posts authored by Sharon Gorman and I just wanted to share a few. Details on the Focus Philosophy event are below.

Chiropractic - Light Up Your Life (photo: Chiropractic poster in one of Sharon’s offices)

From Dr. Sharon German’s Chiropractic Mission — The thing that really comes to mind to me today is the thought of changing someone’s life with the Chiropractic message. Again, and again it becomes so evident to me how much regular Chiropractic care effects the quantity and quality of someone’s life. We have only one body and we have so many decisions made every day, every hour, that effect our lives today and way into the future.

On Loving Your Chiropractic Life — Close your eyes for a minute and visualize how it would look if it was even better. Dream what the life of your dreams would look like. What is your purpose? Are your living your purpose today? Realize that you have choices concerning how your life turns out yet realize that you are not in charge. Take God’s love that is inside of you and express it today. Today I pray for God’s will for me and the power to carry it out. Today I am grateful and choose to look at the gifts not the challenges.

A 2002 post with Sharon sharing My Vision of My Practice — I like daydreaming. If I can see something in my minds eye I can usually create it, provided it is God’s will. I often talk about the freedom of turning it over to God and praying for God’s will, not my own. I find my life works better when I wake up in the morning with the objective to serve. I want life to give me the opportunity to love, give and serve out of my abundance. That for me is the simple part. Where sometimes I get a little confused is being able to see how I can best be used.

Another inspirational post from 2002 titled: Life by the Mile is a Trial — This is your life. Only you can change you. You can’t change anyone else. As you change you, everything in your world changes. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Sit down right now and write down a commitment to yourself. Make it simple. It only needs to be a little change for today. Don’t sit and think about doing this and not do it. Nothing will change except you might get a little more disgusted with yourself. You might get a little more frustrated and sometimes the pain of those feelings is what you will need to motivate you.

And let’s not forget about Inner Peace — If someone or something outside of yourself has the power to piss you off then it will. If my happiness is dependent of what other people think of me than I am very vulnerable because what other people do and say is more often connected to their stuff than to my stuff and if I need anyone else’s permission to be at peace than I am again making myself very vulnerable. I need to connect to my source of strength and feel confident in myself and my connection so that I can proceed into the world independent of the circumstances of my life.

These Focus events rock, if you are in the area, I wouldn’t miss them.

Focus Philosophy Night – March 8th – 7:00 pm
Optional Dinner together starts at 6 pm

New Beginnings Team Speakers
Jay Handt, DC and Ernie Landi, DC

Howard Johnson Hotel
PA-611, Bartonsville, PA 18321

Route 611 Bartonsville PA (Exit 302 off I-80)
(570) 424-6100 for Hotel Reservations

Any questions call Jennifer Finn, DC (570) 586-3440 @ 10:44 pm | Article ID: 1204008292