Love Your Chiropractic Life

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I think I have hit a temporary Monday Morning Message writers block. Now what do I want to tell you today? Already deleted the last message as I was proofreading it, deciding I didn’t like it. Well here goes again. My mind is spinning with all that is going on. How do I focus? I do when I have to. When do I have to? Obviously now would be a real good idea. When Life presses me to focus I usually come through. So what do I want to tell you?

Here it comes, real simple message today. Do you love your life? If you don’t love it now when are you planning to start loving it? What can you do today that will put you in the right direction? It is all about today. Can’t re-live yesterday or project about tomorrow. It’s about today. Are you in love with your life?

Close your eyes for a minute and visualize how it would look if it was even better. Dream what the life of your dreams would look like. What is your purpose? Are your living your purpose today? Realize that you have choices concerning how your life turns out yet realize that you are not in charge. Take God’s love that is inside of you and express it today. Today I pray for God’s will for me and the power to carry it out. Today I am grateful and choose to look at the gifts not the challenges. I don’t ignore the challenges but I don’t become challenged. I am centered and strong living in God’s light. Nothing can effect me unless I allow it in. I use my educated brain but I am not my educated brain. I am an expression of life. I am perfect even though things don’t always seem perfect. I am a perfect expression of God’s love and all that is happening around me is the perfect situations that challenge me to grow. They are all lessons of love. Can I walk through life, living on life’s terms and keep my head up high and my heart full of love? I only can keep what I give. Can I see my life full of abundance and can I give that miracle to others? Hope I got you thinking. Life is real simple. Some of us make life very complicated. Keep your eye on what is real important in life.

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